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A Revolution in Training

One of the few seminar programs that maintain
results-based research. 

Since these concepts might be new to you, you can read the extensive validation studies we have conducted on the following programs:

Teplitz Industry Seminars Switched-On Selling
Teplitz Industry SeminarsSwitched-On Management
Teplitz Industry SeminarsSwitched-On Network Marketing
Teplitz Industry Seminars Switched-On Selling For Banks
Teplitz Industry SeminarsBrain Gym Research

Teplitz Industry Seminars Industry Specific Studies

Teplitz Industry Seminars Research White Paper
on Muscle Testing



You can also become a Certified Instructor of the Switched-On Seminars.

For more details and to learn about up-coming instructor training classes see:
Teplitz Industry SeminarsSwitched-On Instructor

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Brain Gym® is a registered trademark of Brain Gym® International / Educational Kinesiology Foundation


Sandler Training Institute
This should be a required seminar before anyone takes traditional training.  You have found the missing piece!".

Andrew S. Miller - Founding Partner
Sandler Sales & Training Institute
Alexandria, VA, USA

Switched-On Seminars - Your Next Level of Success
Teplitz Industry Seminars Sales   Teplitz Industry Seminars Management   Teplitz Industry Seminars Network Marketing   Teplitz Industry Seminars Golf

  Teplitz Industry Seminars Start-Up Entrepreneur     Teplitz Industry Seminars Advanced Entrepreneur   

Clare Dreyer, Assistant Director for Management & Leadership Programs"

University of Reno, NV invited Dr. Teplitz to conduct two Switched-On Seminars:

These seminars focus on re-wiring the circuitry of your brain to create new levels of success.  They are the "step before" traditional training that has been touted as "the missing piece".

The technology uses simple movement exercises called Brain Gyms®. These exercises stop your brain from being triggered by unpleasant past experiences, which then allows you to easily adapt to new opportunities and changes.

All seminars are dynamic, hands-on training experiences specifically targeted to integrate the left and right hemispheres of your brain into unified communication.

When the brain is "switched-on", you achieve new levels of energy and peak performance while feeling a new sense of emotional well-being.

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Bill Brooks, CEO of the multi-million dollar sales training company, The Brooks Group
, says that he would:
"very strongly recommend the Switched-On Selling Seminar".

Vada Whitt, Director of Facility Development at Global Contact Services,
"recommends this
seminar to any company
interested in improving their manager's skills through participation and exposure
to unique concepts. "


Switched-On Network Marketing

"With Switched-On Golf you simply perform better without interference at a conscious level",
says Chuck Hogan, World Famous Master Golf Instructor.  "This is a very elegant route to improve play and I recommend the process".

The Switched-On experience had
the greatest impact in the shortest period of time of any program I have seen in many years in sales management!"
says  Robert Donovan, Director of Life Sales.

Switched-On Instructors Around the World - to find out if there's one near you, for one-on-one coaching or to attend a seminar, click here.


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