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Continuing Research
Whenever we do a Switched-On Seminar, we provide Graph Analysis for the client using participant questionnaires from before, after and a 30-day follow-up.

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Switched-On Selling Graph Analysis

Banking - Cleveland State Bank
Banking - Client
Banking - Bank Newport
Banking - Security Bank
Banking - Virginia Partners Bank
Broadcast & Media - Client
Construction - Client
Dental Publications - Integrated Media
Door Manufacturing - Client
Entrepreneur's Organization Co
Farm Credit
Financial Advisors
Food Industry - Ideal Protein
Home Construction - Client
Heating and Air-Conditioning
Manufacturing Company
Orthodontic Industry - Rocky Mountain Orthodontics
Pest Control - Client
RV Dealership - Canadream
RV Dealership -Dave's Claremore RV
Sales Training Company

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Switched-On Management Graph Analysis

Healthcare Company - DECO
Healthcare Company - Community Health Services of Lamoille 

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Switched-On Advanced Entrepreneur  Graph Analysis

Food Industry - Ideal Protein


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Seminars that provide analysis of the results!
The Switched-on Training Programs validate the amazing
and positive successes of the participants with research:

Switched-On Selling Studies
Dr. Teplitz has conducted a study with almost 700 salespeople who were asked to respond to self-evaluation questions both before and after taking the seminar and again one month later. 

One client proved it for themselves.
In testing the validity of the Switched-On-Selling approach, the South Carolina Farm Bureau Insurance Company had one-third of its sales force take the seminar. Then for 120 days, the company tracked their performance against a control group of agents who did not take the seminar. The result: those agents who took the seminar had 71% higher premiums!

Switched-On Selling Study

Switched-On Management
This report is a study conducted on the effect of this practical management self-development training program assisting managers to create a more successful, effective, and dynamic organization.

For this study, participants completed a self-assessment questionnaire before the seminar began as a baseline measurement, and again at the end of the seminar. The seminar is a 1 day experience. 

The responses to pre and post-seminar questionnaires indicate that participants' self-perception of their ability in effective management increased significantly at the conclusion of the seminar.

Switched-On Management Study

Switched-On Selling For Banks
Eight banks from different parts of the country participated in this study on the impact of the Switched-On Selling Seminar. A total of 122 participants completed a response form at the beginning of the seminar day. They completed the form again at the end of the day. Finally, one month later they completed the form a third time as a way to see if the changes that had occurred at the end of the seminar day were maintained, decreased or improved.

As the graphs show, there were dramatic improvements from the beginning of the seminar day to the end of the day. The improvements continued as seen by the participants responses to the questionnaire one month later.

Switched-On Selling Banking Study

Brain Gym Research
A summary of research studies that have been submitted to the Educational Kinesiology Foundation in experimental or anecdotal design since 1956.

Together, these represent a full 19 years of Academic Papers including qualitative, correlational, and summary research.

         Brain Gym Research Studies




Switched-On Network Marketing
Until this study, there had been four methods for evaluating the success of participants who attended the one-day SONM Seminar. The first was anecdotal evidence from the personal testimonies of an individual's success.

The second method involved analyzing the results of a study of 95 network marketers. The third method compared the results of that study with the results of a much larger study of 695 people who attended the Switched-On Selling Seminar (SOS Seminar), which is similar to the SONM Seminar. The fourth method evaluated whether seminar participants changed certain actions as a result of attending.

In addition to these elements, this study also looked at participants responses  before attending the  Seminar, immediately after, and one month following the seminar.

Switched-On Network Marketing Study

Analysis of Dennison Laterality Repatterning on Switched-On Selling
and Network Marketing

There have been several studies published on the impact of the Dennison Laterality Repatterning (DLR) related to children. This study examines the impact of the DLR on Sales people and Network Marketers on performance and success.

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