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You now can take two golf seminars over the course of a day
Guaranteed to Transform your Game

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Take the opportunity

Attend two seminars on the same day that will teach you a break-through system which is guaranteed to take strokes off your game effortlessly and consistently.

These seminars combine the power of your mind and your body to allow you to function more effectively on the golf course.  

Golf Seminars BrochureGolf Seminars Brochure

Million Dollar Golf Contest-Hole In One

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Now Available: DVD

The Full "Par and Beyond:
Secrets to Better Golf" Seminar

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The morning seminar is a revolutionary new approach to improving your play called Par and Beyond: Secrets To Better Golf and it has been endorsed by Ed Hipp, who was GOLF COACH OF THE YEAR - Iowa HS.
> What you can expect from Par and Beyond <

 The afternoon seminar is a PGA approved training program called Switched-On Golf which will also transform your game even further.
> What you can expect from Switched-On Golf <

Either seminar is available to be presented at Association Conventions and Corporate Meetings. The seminars can also be offered as a "Thank You" to your company's clients. For details, email Info@Teplitz.com or call 800-77-RELAX.

Par and Beyond Golf DVD Coach Vaughn and Jerry Teplitz
Coach Vaughn (left)
Director of Golf;
University of PA
with Dr. Teplitz

Both seminars take entirely new and exciting approaches to improving your success on the course. Your golf abilities, like everything you learn, are literally controlled by neuron connections in the brain.  While these seminars use two different approaches, they both directly and immediately strengthen your brain’s neural connections beyond what they have ever been before. Par and Beyond succeeds by developing and raising your personal energy levels and Switched-On Golf succeeds by using specific and targeted movement exercises called Brain Gyms to transform your abilities to concentrate and focus.    

Think about your golf swing for a moment.  It requires complete coordination of your mind and body and needs you to have consistent self-control.  Golfers at all levels admit that sometimes they just can't maintain their energy levels or the necessary concentration to keep their focus when they swing that club.    

Both Switched-On Golf and Par and Beyond go beyond just the mechanics of golf;  they will not conflict with the golf lessons you have been taking. Both seminars actually support what you have learned in the past and bring you to a new level of experience, success and enjoyment of the game.


Chuck Hogan, world famous professional golf instructor, has taken Switched-On-Golf. He says:
“You simply perform better without interference at a conscious level.  This is a very elegant route to improved play. ”

Reach Golf Goals That
Once Seemed Unreachable!

Take strokes off your game
Experience new levels of confidence with every swing
Play better under pressure
Transform your attitude in seconds
Learn an easy and effective 7-minute method for pre-game preparation
Immediately get back on track after a bad shot
Eliminate your blocks and negative thought patterns
Enjoy the game even more than before
Amazing Effects on a Golf Pro!
Pro-golfer Randy Taylor had not won a tournament in 8 years. A week after taking the Par and Beyond and Switched-On Golf seminars, he placed second in a tournament, coming within one stroke of a tie for first place!
What Results Can You Expect From
Par and Beyond

What Par and Beyond: Secrets To Better Golf will do is help you play better golf by allowing you to implement what you have been taught from an energy standpoint. An increase in your energy level, your focus and your ability to put yourself in the zone will be some of the outcomes you can expect to happen immediately after you have finished taking this seminar.



 What Results Can You Expect From Switched-On Golf?

Women's Golf Team Univ of PA Teplitz Coach
Dr. Teplitz Coaching Univ. of PA
Women's Golf Team


Here's how the Switched-On Golf Seminar works. We take you through each part of your game to find where you have difficulty. Then, you are guided through a series of specific, targeted Brain Gym movements and exercises to switch you on for your game. Switched-On Golf strengthens your ability to see, think, concentrate, focus, and swing on the course.  

There is a 25-year research history on the Brain Gym exercises and its relationship to mental and physical functioning. If you’d like to review the research summary, click here. 

4Golf Illustrated Article


                         Golf Seminars Brochure

- Comments From The Club House -
Switched-On Golf Seminar -
What the Pros have to Say:
Results Are Unbelievable!
"I'm switched on. I learned a great deal from this class and am applying it every day. There are a lot of people that I have talked to that are pumping me for information. I have used the drills on several occasions and the results are unbelievable. I am truly Switched-On & I want another class!"
- Tom Hammerel, Golf Pro, Montana
Approach Never Thought Possible!
"Having been a golf professional for 20 years, 1978 Colorado Golf professional of the year, I learned that golf is probably 25% mechanical and 75% mental. Switched-On offered me an approach to the mental aspects of golf that I would have never thought possible."
- Gary Wuster, Golf Pro, Colorado
I Won!
"I purchased your Par & Beyond; Secrets to Better Golf tape...this year my partner and I won the Monday night golf league. My handicap had not improved in 2 years. Applying what I learned on your tape I shot the best 3 rounds in the last 5 years. "
- Matt Schedler, Grimm Trophy & Gifts
Par and Beyond: Secrets To Better Golf Seminar -
Next Round Was My Life's Best!
"I went to Par and Beyond to write about Dr. Teplitz’s technique with a certain skepticism but soon realized everything he taught made sense. When I got home, my next round of golf was my life’s best and now the techniques are part of every round I play!"
- Tom J. Fox, T&L Golf Magazine
Best Round In Months! (From a Pro Golfer)
"Utilizing just a few principles I had my best round in months with my driver. Every drive I hit was extremely solid resulting in longer and straighter drives."
- Jerry Reymond, Lead Instructor, Summit Golf Academy, Pt Orange,  FL
                           Golf Seminars Brochure
Solving the Golf Puzzle!
"Thank you for a very informative session. I feel like some more pieces of the golf puzzle fit together today. I definitely will be incorporating the information into my golf lessons."
- Randy Taylor, Golf Pro, St. Catharines, Ontario
"I took second place in a golf tounament for the over 55 age group at my club using your techniques and Qlink --- amazing! "
- James Tam, Honolulu, HI
Four Holes In One!
"After the seminar I went back to play with my students and I hit a hole-in-one. Over the course of the summer, I taught 30 students using regular mechanics of golf and Switched-on Golf techniques. Three of them hit holes-in-one."
- Lee Hoellwarth, Golf Pro, Minneapolis, MN


Million Dollar Golf Contest-Hole In One

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"Everyone talks about "playing in the Zone", but how do you get there?  I feel this program (Par and Beyond) begins to bridge the gap....to actually showing you the Road Map to get you there...."

Jerry Reymond, Lead Instructor    
Summit Golf Academy, FL



We're so sure that you will enjoy and learn from attending this one day seminar that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee at the completion of the seminar.


...if you'd like to sponsor a CUSTOMER APPRECIATION SEMINAR for client or friends, or be informed when the next seminars will be offered in your area!

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