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Industry Leaders' Comments        Participant's Comments

Industry Leaders' Comments        Participant's Comments


American Society of Association Executives
Assn of Professors of Gynecology and Obstetrics

Florida Society of Association Executives
Georgia Pacific
Government Executive Institute

Indiana Society of Association Executives
International Management Council 
National Association of Home Builders
Time, Inc.

Toronto Law Office Management Association
Walbridge Aldinger
West Virginia Association of Realtors

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Program Topics

Your Leadership Success Formula
With the increase in competition and changes in the workplace, the key to good leadership practices now requires a clear understanding of human behavior.

Through this program managers will learn their own behavior style while they also receive a picture of the style of the people they have to have to manage and lead. This information will allow them to better relate to and motivate their subordinates to greater levels of success.

Speeding To Effective Time Mastery
With the complexities of the business world today, there never seems to be enough time to accomplish everything we need to do.

Through this program leaders will discover their own time management strengths and weaknesses leading to the development of a personal, effective time management strategy.

Managing Leadership Stress
Time pressures, people pressures, and bottom line pressures all add to the level of stress leaders have to deal with today.

This program focuses on giving leaders the techniques and abilities to take charge of the stressful situations they encounter in the workplace.

Techniques include immediate ways to energize.

Increasing Your Leadership Power
to New Levels of Excellence

Have you ever had a negative day as a leader? How did you feel at the end of it? Tired, drained... Now, have you ever had a positive day as a leader? How did you feel at the end of it? Energized. Isn't there an increase in your productivity, effectiveness and bottom line on that positive day? You can have that outcome everyday! What would that do to your abilities and successes as a leader?

In this highly interactive program, Amazon bestselling author and top rated speaker Dr. Jerry V. Teplitz will show you how to make every day that way through actual tools and techniques that will increase your energy level resulting in more effective leadership capabilities.

Creating New Dimensions of Leadership
As organizations become flatter and more team oriented it becomes even more crucial to understand what leadership is since a leader can be anything from the charismatic visionary to the unassuming team player.

This seminar will allow participants to discover what they value in themselves as a leader, the dimensions of leadership needed by their organization, and how to combine the two.

Increasing Your Brain's Performance for Greater Leadership Success
This leadership development program is for individuals who are responsible for creating a more effective and dynamic organization. The seminar provides a method for personal
brain re-engineering, which enables you as a leader to adapt quickly and successfully to a changing environment.

The personal technology used to accomplish this goal is a researched based process of using specific movement exercises to access your untapped brain capabilities. This allows what was difficult for you to do as a leader to become easy to do in minutes.

This program will strengthen the leadership skills you already have and give you the mental agility to add to your skills with surprising ease and level of confidence.


"Your presentation was very well received with great feedback from the audience.  During these critical times, it becomes more imperative as leaders to constantly re-tool and calibrate our leadership skills.  The presentation provided practical applications and methodology for our members to implement in their daily lives.  We look forward to an opportunity of inviting you back for another presentation in the future."

Gary Murakami
Co-Director, Programs
Northern California Chapter 
Professional Convention Management Association

"Very different from what I expected; not the same tired concepts."

Lelah Campo, President
Associated Builders and Contractors - Connecticut Chapter

"The Leadership Program you brought to the Michigan Executive Officers Council on September 23 in Traverse City was outstanding. You were masterful in defining and integrating the various styles under which we all operate. Even more importantly, you made us think about how we accomplish common goals with our respective Staff and our volunteers. I am writing this letter because I did not feel it would be possible for you to top that program. However, you were able to exceed your level of performance at our Board of Directors Planning Session."

Elaine B. West, CAE, CIPS, LTG
Chief Executive Officer
Greater Lansing Association of Realtors

“You provided some incredible human technology tools, leading-edge ideas and a new life changing philosophy for participants to use.  Thank you for being such an important part of the Alpha Gamma Rho Leadership Program.”

Larry Heidebrecht, President
Customer Satisfaction Systems, Inc.

“Thank you for directing such a successful leadership program. We received many comments on the excellence of the program and of the accompanying exercises”.

Donna D. Wachter, Executive Director
Association of Professors of Gynecology and Obstetrics

"You presented some unusual ideas and did a great job with involving our crowd.  The speech at the breakfast, titled "Increasing Your Leadership Power to New Levels of Excellence", drew 285 people.  According to a survey of the attendees, the presentation was rated Excellent by 69% and Good by 31% of the respondents."

Russell Hamley , President 
Associated Builders and Contractors Greater Houston Chapter

“Helped me look at things in a completely new way.”

Warren B. Hardy, President
Associated Builders and Contractors Southern Nevada

"Your topic, "Increasing Your Leadership Power to New Levels of Excellence"," was enthusiastically received by all attendees. 

According to the evaluations, 100 percent of the attendees rated your program as excellent (76 percent) or good (24 percent).  I thought you'd like to see the comments directly from the attendees, "Speaker is GREAT!", "Very uplifting and positive!" and "Jerry will be a hard act to follow."  You made us look like heroes!"

James M. Hartley, CAE, Executive Director
Ohio Society of Association Executives

"I would like to express my gratitude for the priceless information you shared with us at the Achieve Conference.  Your presentation was excellent and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.  You gave our current and upcoming leaders great ideas on how to be successful and positive in their leadership roles."

Jodie Cady, Events Manager 
Michigan Association of Realtors

“This seminar is amazing! The information provided was useful and really caused me to think and react.”

Linda Bridges, Director, Board Relations
Florida League of Cities, Tallahassee, FL

"Thank you so much for your wonderful presentation at our Annual Leadership Conference. In the follow up survey, your talk realized 96% as either Excellent or Good. Those results are a true testament to your ability to deliver a seminar that was at the same time hard-hitting, and hitting home.  Since the participants returned from that conference I've heard, and have seen first hand how they have used the information they learned with their peers and co-workers. You helped them open their minds to different ways to look at communication between individuals and groups, keeping in mind how others approach various situations. These newfound skills will surely help all of my people become more effective communicators, and thereby more productive."

Karl Konrad, Director of Marketing & Sales
Leprino Foods Dairy Products Company

“A very unique and useable presentation.”

Greg Beeman, President
Associated Builders and Contractors - MA Chapter

"We had heard great things about you from Manufacturers' Agents National Association (MANA) after you spoke at their Keystone Conference.  The glowing ratings from MANA members inspired our committee to book you for our next Conference. 

You had the audience involved within minutes, and soon even the toughest skeptics were convinced.  Above all, you showed that by harnessing the power of the mind people can change their lives.  Thank you very much for two wonderful presentations!"

E.W.G. (Teddy) Pope, P. Eng.,  CPMR
Chair, Independent Manufacturers' Representatives Committee 
Industrial Supply Association

"I want to recommend to you an exciting Keynote speaker we recently had speak at our annual conference. His name is Dr. Jerry V. Teplitz and he did an outstanding job to the extent that 98% of the participants rated his session Excellent or Good with 66% saying it was Excellent and 32% saying Good."

Dianna Braud, Director of National Programs 
Safety Council of Louisiana Capital Area

"We have had Dr. Teplitz present at four of our seminars in the past two years that include senior and mid level managers in state and federal bank regulatory agencies. I see many of the participants at subsequent programs.

Months and years after seeing Dr. Teplitz, they tell me they are still using some of these techniques. If you need a sure hit program that delivers immediate and long lasting value, this is it."

Roger Stromberg, Senior Vice President-Education
Conference of State Bank Supervisors

"Your presentation was wonderful. You took the mystery out of why some days we feel that we can literally move mountains...and other days it feels like every move creates mountains of frustration.

Linda A. Dickerson, President
Chief Executive Officers Club

"Our attendees were truly blown away by your presentation. They moved from skepticism to belief, as they participated in your exercises and experienced the results for themselves. They found your information to be impactful and actionable.

These days that is what they are looking for--things they can do or things they can change to immediately and directly improve their bottom line or their life. Your presentation delivered over and over again. They wanted more than 75 minutes."

Sue Cantwell, Director Education & Organizational Development
Grocery Manufacturers of America

"Your topic, "Increasing Your Leadership Power to New Levels of Excellence" was enthusiastically received by all attendees. 

According to the evaluations, 100 percent of the attendees rated your program as excellent (76 percent) or good (24 percent).  I thought you'd like to see the comments directly from the attendees, "Speaker is GREAT!", "Very uplifting and positive!" and "Jerry will be a hard act to follow."  You made us look like heroes!"

James M. Hartley, CAE, Executive Director
Ohio Society of Association Executives

"Choosing you to deliver the closing keynote was one of the best decisions we could have make. Our members were thrilled with the information and energized to go back to their associations. Without a doubt, your keynote was the highlight of the seminar."

Melissa Leighton. Assistant Director, Executive Officers Council
National Association of Home Builders

"Our September Kickoff Meeting was an incredible success. Our group is a tough crowd. We were unsure how our members would receive you because your presentation is so very unique.

We didn't need to worry for a second. By the time I got back to my office that day, I had messages from people thanking me for choosing you as a speaker. What a wonderful position to be in."

Monique Landucci, Program Chairperson
Southern Connecticut Association of Life Underwriters

"Your interactivity with the audience made the presentation more effective and thought-provoking.  It's an accomplishment when one can walk away with something that can be applied in our everyday lives.

Congratulations on achieving that by providing unique 'tools' that we could incorporate immediately.  We're confident that the impact you made with members of ASAE-Hawaii will result in a repeat performance.  Thank you for giving us the opportunity to transcend to a new level of excellence!"

Kathy Castillo,  Past President 
Aloha Society of Association Executives

"During both sessions Dr. Teplitz captivated the audience with his considerable presentation skills and his programs' content.  No wonder that the feedback about Dr. Teplitz that we received from our attendees was outstandingly positive. 

If you are looking for an innovative presentation then I wholeheartedly recommend that your consider Dr. Tepltz."

Brian A. Mangines, Past President of the FSA 
Florida Staffing Association

"WOW!  Every speaker enjoys a standing ovation and the really good ones richly deserve it.  Too bad there's nothing else we can do to let you know how much all of us here at the Florida Speakers Association were moved by your day with us. 

I'm still getting feedback about the great day-long session you did for us and the impact it had on people.  You've given us one of the most memorable sessions we've experienced.  Let me add on a personal note that I've been using some of the techniques you taught us and they have made a huge impact on my work."

Rebecca Staton-Reinstein, President
The Florida Speakers Association

"Thank you very much for your wonderful program. I think the comments from the physicians say it all. The participants really believed that this was entertaining and educational. I think the physicians left there with the idea that their attitude will have a direct effect on dealing with their patients."

John R. Semmer, M.D.
American Association of OBGYN

"Your session was well received, rated highly and added substantial value to both professional and personal lifestyles.  Thank you for your contribution of time and talent, and for providing for us such an outstanding program.  Your wonderful presentation and all your efforts helped make this program a great success!"

Joel A. Dolci, CAE, President & CEO
New York Society of Association Executives

"You are a terrific speaker, and the highest compliment I can give you is that, once again the hard-to please CEOs took away a wealth of usable knowledge. Your session was not only informative, but also highly entertaining and enjoyable."

Joe Mancuso, President
Executive Officers Club

“Your presentation really made the convention. Weeks after the convention, they are still talking about all they learned.

Keeping the attention and interest of attendees for months afterwards is no small feat and definitely something to be proud of. It is speakers like you that make my job easy. You not only educated, but you entertained as well.”

Robert M. Weiss, Executive Vice President
Home Builders Association of Kentucky

"You were wonderful! Your delivery was superb. A speaker that has the power to make people think about and discuss his program long after the presentation is over is phenomenal. "

Glenda C. Cochran, CPS
Director, Young Bankers Section
Virginia Bankers Association

"The workshop was very well received and attendees gave it an overall satisfaction rating of 4.6 on a 5 point scale.  The comments from the attendees' evaluation forms clearly show how much they enjoyed the workshop. 

 "This seminar was amazing!"  "It's truly amazing how Jerry's techniques can change the way you work and live."  "This program grabbed me!"  These are just a few of the great things said about the workshop, and I can only echo their responses. "

Frances M. Gilbert, Executive Director 
Tallahassee Society of Association Executives

"Your presentation was one of the best attended programs we have had over the past four years and one of the best quality presentations we have been privileged to present."

Robert F. Lucas, Assistant Executive Director
National School Boards Association

"Your comments were thoughtful, provocative, and gave plenty of valuable advice for improving one's performance and outlook on life.  You held the members attention and entertained us with audience participation and involvement.  I appreciate your enthusiasm and professional presentation.  Congratulations for a job well done."

C. A. "Buck" Vandersteen, Executive Director
The Louisiana Forestry Association

"I would just like to say thank you for presenting two of the most well received programs our members could attend."

Lisa Kinsman, Education Director
Maryland Association of Realtors, Inc

"Your presentation was outstanding. We have received nothing but glowing comments from everyone who was in attendance. You may be sure that your contribution to the conference helped make the experience most enjoyable for the attendees."

Patricia L. Shinko, Director, Educational Conferences
Food Marketing Institute

"Your survey results were quite impressive.  All of these people have seen hundreds of speakers in their careers but nothing they have seen before has more potential for a positive impact in their personal and professional lives.  I think many were amazed by the results of the exercises that you conducted."

Judith D. Sullivan, CAE, President and CEO 
Michigan Association of Community Bankers

"The ladies and gentlemen in the group thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and came away with positive attitudes and ideas."

Karen L. Stallings, Director of Education
Independent Insurance Agents of America, Inc.

“Your programs were truly enlightening…. Our attendees were particularly pleased with your innovative approaches to time-management and motivation.…

As a whole, your ratings on the evaluations were superior.”

Jeff Lambert, Program Manager
National Association of Home Builders

"You not only captured out managing partners' attention, but you kept their attention."

Barbara A. Foley, Administrator
Association of Legal Administrators, Independence Chapter

"Time passes on, but not the wonderful and lasting impression you left with all of our attendees.

I just want you to know we are still talking about your presentation and your unique approach to dealing with our work and lives. Thanks again for helping make our conference such a huge success."

Nancy Crowe, Director Meetings & Events
Alabama Independent Insurance Agents, Inc

"There are many speakers one hears in ones life who motivate them and then in two days it is forgotten.  What you teach one uses on a daily basis and does not forget.  I recommend you to anyone who is looking for the best speaker in the business."

Gary J. Rosenberg, CMP, Past President
Professional Convention Management Association -  PCMA Southwest & Pacific Chapter

"I wish to express our sincere appreciation to you for a most interesting and worthwhile presentation. I feel that the program was a success and received well by everyone."

Michael R. Lowry, Education Chairman
Young Presidents' Organization

"According to our Sales Agents and Brokers, your program was one of the best we have offered."

Robert Popp, Vice President
Sales and Management Development,
Century 21 Real Estate Corporation of Northern Illinois

"Your 'techniques' were shared through- out the remainder of the conference and those who missed your sessions certainly wished they hadn't! It is easy to see why you are in such demand as a speaker."

Rose Chambers, Executive Director
Professional Association of Health Care Office Managers

“Great information that can be put to immediate use!”

Cheryl Foster, National Director Sales
Coast Hotels and Resorts

“Awesomely invigorating! Realizing you can take negativity and turn it positive so easy is a great and much needed tool.”

Pamela Cover, Executive Officer
Home Builders Assoc. of Western Maryland

"The audience was captivated the entire time and I've seen first hand that the knowledge gained was carried back and shared with others who were not able to attend and participate.  Through your engaging and amusing presentation, you were able to prove to us all the strength and invaluable power of "positive thinking"."

Michael J. O'Connor,  President
Virginia Petroleum, Convenience and Grocery Association

“Not what I expected, but wouldn't have missed Jerry's excellent presentation. Rates Five Stars.”

Lew Shaw, Executive Director
National Football Foundation

"Our attendees enjoyed your presentation and we were glad to have you as a key component of our annual Conference for the third time!  Your evaluation scores were top notch.  For your general session, you received a 4.89 for content and 5.12 for delivery out of a possible six.  And the breakout session scored 5.25 for content and 5.29 for delivery.  Our attendees obviously were pleased with your sessions."

Sharon Boyle, Vice President 

“Dr. Teplitz’s interactive style, humor and readily useable tips made this a very productive seminar for our top agents.”

Nita Everton, Director of Training
William E. Woods Realtors

“A great program! The techniques Dr. Teplitz taught can be used right away and every day.”

Fran Gilbert, Executive Director
Tallahassee SAE, Tallahassee, FL

“Thank you for directing such a successful leadership program. We received many comments on the excellence of the program and of the accompanying exercises."

Donna D. Wachter, Executive Director
Association of Professors of Gynecology and Obstetrics

"Thank you for a refreshing new approach to workshop topics that put the WOW! back into our meeting!!  Stress is so realistic to everyone in today's society.  It is great to have had the opportunity to share a simple approach with our attendees that will linger in their minds for years to come.  We count it a privilege to add you to our list of outstanding speakers."

Lois Keenan
Executive Director
Virginia Independent Automobile Dealers Association

“The most unique presentation I’ve attended.”

Ashley Walker, AVP
North Atlanta Nat’l Bank, Alpharetta, GA

"Jerry, your ability to weave together business strategy with hands-on exercises was fascinating.  Especially valuable were the deliverables and take-home nuggets from your message.  Our salespeople left motivated with a renewed sense of commitment; and feedback such as, "Jerry was amazing and  This session is still making me think" is not uncommon."

Tedde N. Reid, President
Supply & Equipment Foodservice Alliance, Inc. (SEFA)

"What a fantastic presentation. You held our interest throughout the whole session. Well done!! Thanks for a great presentation."

Dr. Adrian D. Geering
The Executive Committee

"Thank you for opening our annual conference with two dynamic programs.  They certainly set the stage for the conference. You also took special care in crafting your presentation delivery so there was audience participation and increased buy in to your concepts, your sessions were fun, not drudgery.  Jerry, you are a true artist.  I thank you for not only providing valuable information but for making this year's conference one of the best.  I am very pleased with the results."

Joan Tezak 
Executive Director 
Colorado Society of Association Executives

"The workshop that you presented recently at the annual Conference of the Greater Baltimore Board of REALTORS� , drew outstanding reviews from attendees.

The comments from those in attendance ranged from "Energizing" to "Amazing". You promised to deliver a presentation that would lead members to a more proactive and positive frame of mind in the conduct of their business, and you definitely delivered on this promise."

Joseph T. "Jody" Landers, III
Executive Vice President
The Greater Baltimore Board of REALTORS� , Inc.

“Your programs were truly enlightening…. Our attendees were particularly pleased with your innovative approaches to time-management and motivation.… As a whole, your ratings on the evaluations were superior.”

Jeff Lambert,  Program Manager
National Association of Home Builders

"My leadership team, consisting of officers, directors, committee chairs and key staff people, found the program to be enlightening and truly engaging. After the program, I observed leadership using some of the techniques demonstrated by Dr. Teplitz. I would not hesitate in recommending Dr. Jerry for any upcoming leadership training you may be scheduling."

Cherie Williams
Executive Officer
Reno/Sparks Association of REALTORS

“Thank you for directing such a successful leadership program. We received many comments on the excellence of the program and of the accompanying exercises.”

Donna D. Wachter, Executive Director
Association of Professors of Gynecology and Obstetrics

Comments from people who really count - The Participants

“This is the best session I've attended at the Leadership Institute.”

Ruth Ann Miller-Jones,
Membership Director
Associated Builders and Contractors – Georgia Chapter

“The idea that management, i.e., leadership has the potential to enhance the quality of life for each person we manage, work and live with, coupled with empirical research validating these concepts is powerful.”

Louis P. Batson III
Batson Architects, Inc.

“Fantastic – Borders on genius.”

Chrislonne Clark
Columbia National Mortgage

"Your presentation was a great success, and I know that everyone who attended your presentation came away with ideas and skills which they will be able to put to practical use in their roles as managers and leaders in their firms."

Susan Hodkinson, Conference Chair
Toronto Law Office Management Association

"Jerry was an outstanding presenter and has a great program."

Steve Cona Jr., President
ABC, Florida Gulf Coast Chapter

“This was the most interesting and useful program I have attended in years!!”

Linda Peek
Piedmont Medical Center

“Wow! The time flew while he was on stage and left us wanting more.”

Leslie Hope
Carolinas AGC Chapter

“The most awesome program I’ve been to in years.”

Michael Shober
Shober Training & Development

“I'm a skeptic but absolutely came out a believer.”

Sandra Rodriguez, Membership Coordinator
Associated Builders and Contractors Los Angeles/Ventura Chapter

“A very understandable presentation that you can put into practice immediately to make better personnel choices.”

Greg Beeman
Associated Builders and Contractors MA Chapter

“Highly energized speaker with easy to follow life lessons and ideals. Enjoyable!”

Sue Moore
St. Vincent Mercy Medical Group

“Most informative 2 hours I have spent on any endeavor over the past year.”

Bob Duker

“Program was fantastic. I will definitely use what I learned.”

Beth Alford, Manager Finance
Duke University Hospital

“Jerry's seminar on mind power and the affects of positive thoughts was amazing.”

Jim Hilz
BIA of Central Ohio

“I saw Jerry's program 8-10 years ago and I'm still amazed at the way his teachings worked then and now.”

Elda Marshall
Home Builders Association of Greater Cincinnati

“Very powerful teachings that are simple and practical.”  

Qwanda Fisher-Jones, Director, Client Services
Chamberlin Edmonds

“If you want to improve your outlook on life you need to get in touch with Jerry.”  

Barbara Salis, Meetings Manager
Florida League of Cities, Tallahassee, FL

“An eye opening presentation that introduced new concepts I had never considered before.”  

Kristina Pare, Marketing Manager
Westminster-Canterbury of the Blue Ridge
Charlottesville, VA


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