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Switched-On Selling
Complete Learning Program
6-DVDs, Book, Workbook


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  • 6 DVD's

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  • #1 Amazon Bestselling Book in Sales & Selling: Switched-On Selling™: Balance Your Brain for Sales Success

Are you switched-OFF for any part of the sales process?

For years now, we have known about a low-tech method of increasing human brain ability called Brain Gym®, but only recently has one of its most effective spokespersons, Jerry Teplitz, JD, PhD, outlined in training for business applications that increase sales and generate happier and more productive employees. 

Selling requires that you think clearly, be analytical, and be attentive to details, which are all functions of the left hemisphere of your brain. Selling also requires being creative, intuitive, and able to see the broader picture, which are all functions of the right hemisphere of your brain.

To be truly successful in sales you need to use both sides of your brain together.



"Now anyone can be a top salesperson".

“Teplitz and Alessandra show how anyone can be a top salesperson by using proven methods in Switched-On Selling™. With the revolutionary Brain Gym® approach to rewiring neural pathways, old limitations evaporate, and a new path toward success becomes immediately available to catapult you to superstar status.”
Jack Canfield, America's #1 Success Coach and co-author; Chicken Soup Series


"No other sales training matches the impact of the SOS-DVD Learning Program developed by these two Master Sales Training Experts."
Ivan Misner, NY Times best-selling author and founder of BNI and Referral Institute

Expert & Participant Testimonials

Brain optimization expert Jerry V. Teplitz, JD, PhD and top sales guru Tony Alessandra, PhD are Fortune 500 educators and powerhouse sales training pioneers.  Together they bring you:

Dr. TeplitzFor the first time on DVD, Dr. Jerry V. Teplitz presents his revolutionary Switched-On Selling™  seminar that has been hailed as a breakthrough experience by thousands.

SOS is a proven leading-edge mind-body technology that will immediately re-wire the default settings for all parts of the sales process to balance your brain for optimum success. It starts working as soon as you finish each DVD!

Dr. Teplitz' Switched-On Selling™ Seminar is presented in DVD's One  through Four (1-4).  This seminar works for those new to selling, as well as for seasoned professionals who want their sales performance to sky-rocket.

Dr. Alessandra"Switched-On Selling™ : Balance Your Brain For Sales Success" - offers a unique combination of the solid sales skills and strategies of master sales trainer, Tony Alessandra, Ph.D., coupled with the exciting breakthrough of the Brain Gym® movements especially for sales applications, creating a unique, one-of-a-kind experience.

On Dr. Alessandra's DVDs Five and Six, (Discs 5-6) include DISC Sales Strategies, you'll discover how your behavioral style impacts the way that you operate in the world. And you'll learn the ways that successful salespeople adapt their own behavioral style to gain trust and respect and sell more effectively to clients whose behavioral styles differ from their own.

The Switched-On Selling Methodology - See Bottom Line Results of Switched-On Selling Training:

One of the few seminar programs that has maintained results-based research, you can review scientific results reports below.

What separates a top salesperson from an average salesperson?  Why do some individuals seem to be born to sell while meeting a prospect
is anathema to others?  Scores of books, seminars, DVDs, and CDs are available to teach countless sales techniques.  Yet, only a select few salespeople achieve the highest levels of sales success.  Until now...

One report analyzed the powerful changes that occurred for 695 salespeople attending a one-day Switched-On Selling Seminar.

Teplitz Industry Seminars  Switched-On Selling

Teplitz Industry Seminars Brain Gym Research

Be prepared for some life-changing synergy now that these two master sales guru’s have come together to present you with Switched-On Selling™ DVD Seminar Learning Program and guide you through Jerry’s expertise in re-educating your selling brain using your body while, at the same time, integrating the mastery of Tony’s proven sales techniques and strategies – a uniquely powerful combination!

Switched-On Selling 6-DVD
Complete Learning Program


 Only $299  

Increasing Sales During a Recession with Switched-On Selling

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