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Increase Your Effectiveness and Your Success with the
DiSC CLASSIC® Online Reporting System Software
For Individuals:

Introducing the WILEY DiSC CLASSIC Online Reporting System Software.

Over 40 Years ago, the DiSC CLASSIC Profile System was developed to help people understand and maximize their behavioral preferences.

Since that time, over 40 million people worldwide have used this learning instrument to improve both personal and organizational performance. Now, the power of the WILEY DiSC Classic Profile System is available online to create the most powerful online tool for hiring, personal development and performance coaching.

Understanding Behavior: A Key Element in Organizational and Personal Effectiveness

All of us have developed very distinct ways of thinking, feeling, and acting. These behavioral preferences tend to remain relatively stable throughout our lives. More importantly, they greatly affect our ability to accomplish tasks and interact with others.

By understanding our behavioral approach, and the approaches of others, we can learn specific strategies for maximizing our effectiveness. The key is to have tools that help you accurately describe your behavioral tendencies and develop effective performance strategies.

DiSC Classic Online Reporting System Software 

The online reports are the latest, most innovative feature of the WILEY DiSC Classic Online Reporting System Software. The easy-to-complete response form enables individuals and team members around the world to experience DiSC® learning through the ease and convenience of the Internet.

Validity and Reliability With the Online Software

The WILEY DiSC Classic Online Reporting System Software is an easy-to-use tool that allows people to quickly discover and understand their behavioral preferences. The instrument uses the DiSC DIMENSIONS OF BEHAVIOR model, which describes behavior using a combination of four basic tendencies:

  • Dominance
  • influence
  • Steadiness
  • Conscientiousness

The WILEY DiSC Classic Online Reporting System Software graphically illustrates the intensity of each tendency and the resulting DiSC profile provides a clear picture of the user’s core behavioral pattern. Respondents also receive specific information to help them increase their effectiveness.

Validated by both WILEY and independent studies, the WILEY DiSC Classic Online Reporting System Software has a solid field-research foundation. And the latest version provides greater reliability and accuracy than ever before, with more response items and improved scoring and interpretation.

Built-in Versatility Expands Learning Opportunities

  • Learners can respond on-screen and on-line
  • Personalized reports provide meaningful data from which to create strategies for improved effectiveness
  • Understand how to better manage a person
  • Increase relationship effectiveness
  • Develop strategies to help salespeople be more successful
  • Understand how a manager supervises others

Research indicates that the most successful people are those who know themselves, understand others and develop strategies to meet the needs of specific situations. With the WILEY DiSC Classic Online Reporting System Software, you can help yourself and your team reach new levels of success.

This Software will allow you to open new windows of understanding to manage better, sell more, and collaborate more effectively.

Costs For Individuals:

There are no shipping charges for any part of the report system, as all reports are electronically-generated online.

Reports Fees:

The Individual Basis Report Section is required to be selected to run a report: $96.00 (20 Credits)
Click Here to read a sample individual basic report section.

All of these sections are optional at $24.00 (5 credits) per section.
The Individual Basis Report (above) is required for purchase of optional sections.
(You can click the sections below to view a sample of each report prior to adding to your cart)

CLICK HERE to view a full sample report.

(Sample report is in .PDF format)

DiSC Classic  is a registered trademark of WILEY

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