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Dr. Teplitz is a Brain Performance, Neuroplasticity and Stress Management Expert in the Insurance Industry. Some of his clients include: Insurance Agents and Brokers of America, Million Dollar Round Table, NAIFA Massachusetts Chapter, Grant Taggart Symposium, National Association of State Farm Agents and Portland Association of Health Underwriters.

Insurance Industry Leaders Excited About Dr. Jerry Teplitz Speak At Their Meetings!

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What Are They Saying?

"Our attendees were truly blown away by your presentation. They moved from skepticism to belief, as they participated in your exercises and experienced the results for themselves. They found your information to be impactful and actionable. These days that is what they are looking for-- things they can do or things they can change to directly and immediately improve their bottom line or their life. Your presentation delivered over and over again. They wanted more than 75 minutes."

Sue Cantwell Director Education & Organizational Development
Grocery Manufacturers of America

"You provided some incredible human technology tools, leading-edge ideas and a new life changing philosophy for participants to use."

Larry Heidebrecht, President Customer Satisfaction Systems, Inc

"The members gave you high ratings for your presentations. They found the content extremely interesting, the presentation style very professional, and your ability to get everyone involved very stimulating. A job well done."

John Ramsay, Chairman The Executive Committee

"This seminar is amazing! The information provided was useful and really caused me to think and react."

Linda Bridges Director, Board Relations, Florida League of Cities, Tallahassee, FL

Program Topics

Speeding To Effective Time Mastery: Working Smarter Not Harder

How do you effectively deal with the constant deadlines, conflicting priorities, meetings, as well as the other time challenges that you are faced with on a daily basis? With this program you will gain an understanding and ability to be a better time manager. You will discover your present time management strengths as well as the areas needing improvement. As a result, you will leave with a strategy and action plan to develop and implement more effective time management skills in your life.

Managing Your Stress in These Difficult Times (Available both Live and Virtual)

This is a special program designed to help members, employees and family members better cope with and reduce the stress of COVID-19.

The coronavirus could be in front of you, behind you, to the right or left, too. This uncertainty is causing all of us a lot of stress! So, is there anything we can do about this stress? Dr. Jerry V. Teplitz is an expert and pioneer in the field of stress management. He's been teaching and writing about how to handle stress since 1974. He's been publishing a month blog called Alternatives for Natural Health for 18 years and is now doing a weekly email.

He wrote one of the first books in field How to Relax and Enjoy..., and this was before stress management was even considered a field! His latest iteration of this book is Managing Your Stress in Difficult Times: Succeeding in Times of Change. Dr. Teplitz has been inducted as a Legend of the Speaking Profession by the Veteran Speakers Network.

Jerry is the right person to show your members, employees, staff and their families how to manage their stress in these difficult times. He will give attendees an experience of techniques that they can use immediately to reduce their stress levels. The pandemic will end, but their level of stress may not, and the long-term health consequences to them may increase. The chaos might continue, but they will now have tools to keep themself centered - with less stress.

Increasing Your Brain's Performance for Greater Leadership Success

Would you like to tap into the power of your mind to create greater leadership success. The program provides ways you can experience personal brain re-engineering, enabling you to adapt quickly and successfully to a changing work environment. You will strengthen the leadership skills you already have and gain the mental agility to add to your abilities with surprising ease and confidence.

Increasing Your Selling Power To New Levels Of Excellence

Have you ever had a negative day selling as an agent? How did you feel at the end of it? Tired, drained... Now, have you ever had a positive day selling? How did you feel at the end of it? Energized. Isn't there an increase in your productivity, effectiveness and bottom line on that positive day? You can have that outcome everyday! Dr. Jerry V. Teplitz will show you how to make every day that way through actual tools and techniques that will increase your energy level resulting in more productivity, creativity and sales.

Switched-On Selling

This seminar is a powerful, research validated approach for creating a successful selling strategy through direct brain re-education. In this session, you will learn a two minute technique to stop rejection from getting you down. You will experience switching your brain on for the prospecting part of the selling process which will then enable you to "switch-on" your central nervous system by creating an internal fusion for greater sales effectiveness.

Working Together: Effective Ways To Build Successful Teams

This is a fast-moving training program designed to increase productivity and promote team building by helping your agents learn more about their own and other team members work styles and overall goals. They'll discover practical strategies that foster cooperation in both the business environment and their personal lives. And they'll learn how people with different work styles can resolve incompatibilities and interact more effectively as a team.

Partial Client List:

  • Anthem
  • Canada Life
  • Connecticut General
  • Florida Association of Domestic Insurance Companies
  • Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of:
    • South Carolina
    • Virginia & Wisconsin
    • Florida
    • Illinois
  • Life of Virginia
  • Maryland Association of Life Underwriters
  • National Association of Life Underwriters
  • National Association of State Farm Agents
  • Travelers Canada
  • Eastern VA Association of Health Underwriters
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Industry Leaders' Comments

"You were the perfect opener! For the next two days of our workshops and educational sessions, I constantly heard remarks associated back to what you had said to kick-off our program. You left them enthralled and wanting more."

Thomas Shaner, CAE Maryland State Association of Life Underwriters, Inc

"Thank you so much for your outstanding presentation, Increasing Your Leadership Power to New Levels of Excellence, at our 2010 Annual Convention. Your presentation was both informative and entertaining, and our group responded with enthusiasm. You demonstrated how to take control of situations and respond in a positive way which will definitely make us all more productive in the future. The new ideas and techniques that you gave our group made quite an impression and I appreciate all you did to make this convention a success."

Becky McCormack, CIC, CPCU, AAI Vice-President
Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of South Carolina

"As I chatted informally with execs throughout the following five days, I heard nothing but glowing reports. Not only was the material valuable to us in our careers, but we were entertained and energized by our participation."

Mary Nell McGary, Association Executive The National Association of Life Underwriters

"The feedback we received from our attendees was that they were blown away by the concepts that he taught.
The format and structure of Dr. Teplitz’ presentation allows for engaging interaction with the audience and builds a unity with those in attendance. It allows everyone who is present to truly grasp the power of his ideas.
I highly recommend Dr. Teplitz for your conference or speaking event."

Greg Black Chairman
Grant Taggart Symposium

"Dr. Teplitz just spoke at the Young Agent’s Conference on Increasing Your Selling Power to New Levels of Excellence and the feedback was even better than I had hoped it would be. 100% of our attendees rated his program Excellent or Good and most said Excellent! This was also the first conference I have run where no one complained about anything at the conference! Since Dr. Teplitz was the opening Keynote, he really set the tone for a positive conference."

G. Frank Sheppard, AAI, CAE Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of South Carolina

"Our September Kickoff Meeting was an incredible success. Our group is a tough crowd. We were unsure how our members would receive you because your presentation is so very unique. We didn't need to worry for a second.

By the time I got back to my office that day, I had messages from people thanking me for choosing you as a speaker. What a wonderful position to be in."

Monique Landucci, Program Chairperson Southern Connecticut Association of Life Underwriters

"In a word...exceptional! The comments from everyone regarding your presentation were unanimously positive. Several of the compliments came from individuals who are not prone to give accolades, which confirms the great satisfaction of everyone. We can honestly say that you played a major role in our overall convention success."

Edward J. Cantwell, Vice President Independent Insurance Agents of Wisconsin

"Time passes on, but not the wonderful and lasting impression you left with all of our attendees. I just want you to know we are still talking about your presentation and your unique approach to dealing with our work and lives. Thanks again for helping make our conference such a huge success."

Nancy Crowe, Director Meetings & Events Alabama Independent Insurance Agents, Inc.

"The feedback has been excellent with many indicating that it is the best meeting we ever put on and some of the most useful information they've ever received. It was the type of presentation that will generate discussion, reflection and ideas for some time to come."

Dan Doucette, President and Chief Executive Officer Milwaukee Insurance

"Your presentation was both interesting and inspiring. You did an outstanding job in getting members of the audience to participate. Many attendees have called to tell me how much they enjoyed your program."

James Newhouse Sales Congress Chairman
Life Underwriters Association of Westchester

"As always, your professionalism and expertise made working with you a pleasure and I hope we will be working together again in the future."

Karen L. Stallings, AAI, CIC Director of Education
Independent Insurance Association of America

"Thank you so much for your outstanding presentation. Since our luncheon, members have called me and stopped me in the hall every day with positive comments about the program. I can't remember a time when the response to one of our speakers has been so positive."

Kristine Burton Forum Board President
Central Benefits
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Comments from people who really count - The Participants

"I’ve always thought that I could be doing more to improve my mental state, but I was not sure what. This seminar gives easy tools to improve life."

Danielle Lee Wolke, CSR/Auto Producer C.T. Lowndes & Co.
Charleston, SC

"I look forward to my next sales call already!"

Laura Cornell, Account Executive (Sales) Seibels Bruce/Universal Insurance Co.
Columbia, SC

"Most impressive, I am not one to accept things of this nature quickly."

Gregg London, Regional Sales Manager AM Trust North America
Chapin, SC

"Completely changed my way of thinking."

Larry McKeage, Agent Executive Assistant
State Farm
Higginsville, MO

"Jerry’s program demonstrates that a positive attitude works."

Charles W. Dodson, Agent State Farm
Ft. Myers, FL

"Amazing stuff – can’t wait to use it."

Todd Hiott, AVP American Modern
American Modern

"I would have never thought it was real if not for having seen and done it."

Will Bowers, Agent/Manager Russell-Massey & Co.
Columbia, SC

"You have to see it to believe it."

Stacie Streightiff, Underwriter Mechanicsville, VA

"A great program! The techniques Dr. Teplitz taught can be used right away and every day."

Fran Gilbert, Executive Director Tallahassee SAE, Tallahassee, FL

"After leaving Jerry’s seminar I felt an elevated sense of well being and confident about my ability to solicit business."

Lea Bolden, President San Leandro, CA

"Amazing way to break down the mental barriers to positive thinking."

Joe Hallow, President Bissell Companies

"His program has made me excited about work again."

Cheryl Franzyshen, Director, Underwriting Richmond, VA

"Amazing demonstrations!"

Bill Herridge, Agent State Farm
Gatesville, TX

"Very informative and interesting!"

Carrie Cox, PL Manager John T. Cook & Associates


Carl Mischinski, Director IDIM
Harrisburg, NC

"These are powerful tools for positive change!"

Andy McCraw, Business Development Security Federal Bank
North Augusta, SC

"Very impressive and positive experience!"

Ray Crauer, Owner Seacoast Insurance


Phyllis Brockington, PPC Manger Hibbits Insurance
Murrells Inlet, SC

"Very applicable to daily living!"

Ed Skopal, Account Manager Virginia Beach, VA

"Great use of physical examples to demonstrate hard to understand principles of energy."

Lisa Buswell, Vice President, Employee Benefits USI Insurance Services
Virginia Beach, VA

"Amazing, but makes total sense."

Jack Horejsi, Marketing Main Street America
Lexington, SC

"Excellent, amazing and unbelievable!"

Chuck Winderl, Agent C.M. Winderl Insurance
Athens, OH


Greg Broermann, Broker Coastal Benefits Group
Coastal Benefits Group

"Jerry shares essential info for those who want to be more successful!"

Darren Johansen Johansen Counseling Services
Orem, UT

"I inherently knew this subconsciously, but Jerry brought it out. Top of mind now."

Bill Styles WFG
Elk Ridge, UT

"Life changing to confirm the power of positivity and how to protect yourself from negativity."

Natasha Eldredge, Financial Professional AXA Equitable
Salt Lake City, UT

"So cool! I want to send my children to your seminar!"

Jolyn Whittaker
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