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Dr. Teplitz is a Brain Performance Expert in the Dental Industry. Some of his clients include
 the American Orthodontists Association, Seattle Study Club, New Hampshire Dental 
Rhode Island Dental Association, Vermont State Dental Society, 
Calgary & District Dental Group, and the Connecticut State Dental Association.  

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Industry Leaders' Comments   &   Participant's Comments




Academy of Dental Management Consultants
American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
American Orthodontists Association 6X's
Calgary & District Dental Group
Canadian Pharmaceutical Association
Central Valley Dental Forum
City of Lakes Study Club
DC Dental Society - Nation's Capital Dental Meeting
Great Lakes Study Club
Greater New York Dental Society
Middle Atlantic Society of Orthodontists
Mount Palomar Study Club

New Hampshire Dental Society
Northern Virginia Dental Society
National Wholesale Druggists Association
Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists
Rhode Island Dental Association
Riverview Study Club
Seattle Study Club Coordinators Conference
Seattle Study Club Symposium
Schulman Study Group
Vermont State Dental Society
Virginia Dental Association


Program Topics

Increasing Your Leadership Power
to New Levels of Excellence

Have you ever had a negative day as a leader? How did you feel at the end of it? Tired, drained... Now, have you ever had a positive day as a leader? How did you feel at the end of it? Energized. Isn't there an increase in your productivity, effectiveness and bottom line on that positive day? You can have that outcome everyday! What would that do to your abilities and successes as a leader?

In this highly interactive program, Amazon bestselling author and top rated speaker Dr. Jerry V. Teplitz will show you how to make every day that way through actual tools and techniques that will increase your energy level resulting in more effective leadership capabilities.

Your Communication Success Formula
With the increase in competition and changes in the workplace, the key to good medical management practices now requires a clear understanding of human behavior.

Through this program, attendees ill learn their own behavior style while they also receive a picture of the style of the people they have to manage.  This information will allow them to better relate to, and motivate, their subordinates and is also valuable in team building, hiring, and the correct placement of personnel.

Speeding To Effective Time Mastery
With the complexities of the medical world today, there never seems to be enough time to accomplish everything we need to do, by Working Smarter, Not Harder!

Through this program leaders will discover their own time management strengths and weaknesses leading to the development of a personal, effective time management strategy. 

Techniques include immediate ways to energize.

Working Together: Effective Ways to Build Successful Teams
This is a fast-moving training program designed to increase productivity and promote team-building by helping your people learn more about their own and other's work styles and overall goals.  They'll discover practical strategies that foster cooperation in both the medical environment and their personal lives.  And they'll learn how people with different work styles can resolve incompatibilities and interact more effectively as a team.

Par & Beyond: Secrets to Better Golf and Better Business
Would you like to learn a powerful approach for creating a more successful golf strategy that will also apply to your business?  This seminar will provide the answers!

It goes beyond golf mechanics and business techniques and looks at the energetics for becoming more successful in golf and business.  The lessons, the specific tools and techniques you will learn in this seminar will allow you to immediately improve your golf game, and will also show you how to switch on your energy for greater business effectiveness, on and off the course.

Increasing Your Brain's Performance for Greater Leadership Success
This leadership development program is for individuals who are responsible for creating a more effective and dynamic organization. The seminar provides a method for personal
brain re-engineering, which enables you as a leader to adapt quickly and successfully to a changing environment.

The personal technology used to accomplish this goal is a researched based process of using specific movement exercises to access your untapped brain capabilities. This allows what was difficult for you to do as a leader to become easy to do in minutes.

This program will strengthen the leadership skills you already have and give you the mental agility to add to your skills with surprising ease and level of confidence.

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"Your Keynote Address was perfect!  Your ability to get members involved and experiencing what you were presenting was masterful.  This was confirmed by the evaluation forms where 75% rated it Excellent and 22% selected Good.  Wow, what ratings.  The comments the Coordinators made were equally exciting: 'Dr. Teplitz is truly wonderful and amazing speaker, who makes you realize a lot more than you thought.', 'Incredible and impressive.', 'Wow, wonderful interactive use of describing your program.', 'This was truly an eye-opener."

Shaida Ghomi
Director of Events 
Seattle Study Club  

"The AAO would like to thank you for a great presentation at our 2011 Annual Session in Chicago .  The lecture evaluations showed 98% of the attendees selecting Excellent (57%) and Good (41%) in describing the quality of their experience at your session.  Here are some of the comments we received from the attendees: "Outstanding, amazing.", "Fantastic.", "Amazing, loved it.", "This is awesome!", "It was excellent. "

Judy Burch 
Education Coordinator 
American Association of Orthodontists

“Having Dr. Jerry Teplitz at our May 2012 Rhode Island Dental Association meeting was a great choice.  He delivered a dynamic presentation which is very different from any other you have witnessed. The audience enjoyed Dr. Teplitz’s material, his humorous delivery of the material and the active participation/interaction with the group.  It was a well received seminar and I recommend Dr. Teplitz as a Keynote speaker or seminar presenter to any group or association.”

John Verbeyst, D.M.D., Chairman Scientific Sessions
Rhode Island Dental Association  

“I write this letter to recommend to you a speaker who was recently a part of the Annual Meeting of the New Hampshire Dental Society held in Meredith, NH May 17 – 19, 2012. The speaker’s name is Jerry Teplitz and the two programs he did for us were entitled:  Managing the Stress of Change and Working Together: Effective Ways to Build Successful Teams. Both of these programs attracted both dentists and dental staffs.

Overall, Jerry’s programs at our meeting were very well received and I would recommend that you seriously consider inviting Jerry Teplitz to be a part of an upcoming meeting in your area.”

James J. Williamson
Executive Director
New Hampshire Dental Society

"Wow! I wanted to commend you on your great presentation to our members of the Academy of Dental consultants.  Since our members are all consultants, speakers and trainers, they have heard and seen a lot of programs.  They know what a high quality presentation should be and are critical of content for their needs.  Having 84% of our members' rate your program excellent was simply a confirmation of the power of your session.  Thank you for helping to make our conference a "winner".  I would highly recommend you to other dental groups who are looking for a program that will have a high impact on their members."

Tim Twigg  
Vice President  
of Dental Management Consultants  

“As you know I was general program chair for the meeting and also was the room moderator for your lecture session so I had the pleasure of being there from beginning to end.  Your session was extremely well organized and extremely well received.  The audience was fully engaged and your messages were powerful and impactful.  I spoke with many of the attendees later in the meeting and all were very pleased that they had attended your session.  I compliment you on an excellent presentation and obviously would strongly recommend you as a speaker for any similar group.”

Bryan Williams
General Program Chair 2012 Annual Meeting
President Elect
Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists  

"The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry sponsors only the highest caliber of programs for our members and your presentation was no exception."

Maureen Steckman, Executive Director
American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

“Selecting you as our speaker for this event was an easy task as I had already heard great comments from a few of the other New England Dental Societies that had chosen you to speak at their annual sessions.

 Your program, Managing Your Stress: Succeeding in Times of Change was very well received by the entire audience.  A total of 95% of our attendees rated your program as excellent or good with 69% of our members selecting excellent and 26% rating it as Good!”

 I would like to conclude by recommending you to my colleagues who are looking for a speaker with a unique presentation to diversify from the dental clinical courses.”

Vaughn T. Collins
Executive Director
Vermont State Dental Society

“Your one day seminar on Increasing Your Professional Power While Managing Your Stress for our Northern Virginia Dental Society was life changing.  The way you used demonstrations, audience participation and applications to build your case for what you were presenting was masterful.  People left with real things they could use immediately in their practice and their lives. 

You had 100% of the attendees rating your program Excellent (67%) and Good (33%).  The comments the doctors and their staff made were illuminating.  “Dr. Teplitz blew my mind.”, “I found the program to be extremely informative and am excited about utilizing the techniques learned.”, “Turned my skeptical husband into a believer.” and “I am definitely leaving this seminar with a new positive attitude and very energized.”

 You certainly made me the hero for selecting you!”

Julie Tran DDS
Northern Virginia Dental Society  

“On behalf of the District of Columbia Dental Society, I want to thank you for participating as a guest lecturer at the 82nd Annual Nation’s Capital Mid-Atlantic Dental Meeting.

 Your lecture was an integral part of a well-rounded scientific program.  The time and effort you spent preparing for your educational sessions is truly appreciated.  I have heard nothing but rave reviews.

 This year’s annual session was extremely successful and I thank you again for your contribution.”

Thomas Sokoly, DDS
General Chairman
82nd Annual Nation’s Capital Mid-Atlantic Dental Meeting

“As you know, I heard you speak at the Seattle Study Club’s Coordinator’s Conference a couple of years ago and was excited about bringing you in to speak at a meeting of our Rivertown Study Club.  Well, it took a while and we finally got you here on March 15 to do a full day seminar on Working Together: Effective Ways To Build Successful Teams.

 I want to let you know you exceeded even my high expectations.  You gave our docs and their staffs real tools and techniques that will make a difference in their work and personal lives.  When everyone rates the program either Excellent (69%) and Good (31%) you know you captured and held their attention for the full day.

I would highly recommend you to other Seattle Study Clubs and other dental groups who are looking for a high impact program.”

Sue McPherson
Rivertown Study Club

The AAO would like to thank you for two great presentations at our recent 2014 Annual Session in New Orleans, “Working Together: Effective Ways to Build Successful Teams” and “Managing Your Stress: How to Relax and Enjoy.”

The lecture evaluations showed 98% of the attendees selected Excellent (68%) and Good (30%) in describing the quality of their experience at your sessions.  Here are some of the comments we received from the attendees:

            “Outstanding, amazing."
             “Fantastic, WOW.”
            “Great interactive program.”  
             “Informative and enjoyable.”

Dr. Teplitz, you met and exceeded our expectations, and I would definitely recommend you as a speaker for other groups.  Thanks again for being with us!”

Judy Burch
Education Coordinator
American Association of Orthodontists

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Comments from people who really count - The Participants

“Jerry’s program helps to educate team members on how to communicate with each other and patients in a way that is simple, fun and promotes positive growth and efficiency.”

Melanie McLacklan, Consultant, RDA
M Ortho Consulting
Hoboken, NJ

“He is an excellent speaker!  I loved how he interacted with us and how he had us interact with others.”

 Jamie Pollock, Scheduling Coordinator
Hamada Orthodontics

Destrehan, LA

“Dr. Teplitz is truly a wonderful and amazing speaker, whom makes you realize a lot more than you thought you could.”

Christina Ford, Coordinator
Dallas Study Club, Dallas , TX

“Everyone needs to know this.  This has to be the way of the future for everyone.”

Greg Pitman, DC
Family Tree Chiropractic & Wellness
Cincinnati , OH

“An excellent workshop where I can implement techniques on how to be the best that I can be and how to help others to be their best.”
Joyce Mijamoto

Mijamoto Dental Design Suite, Wailuku , HI

“Today listening to the presentation and participating in the exercises helped me to put my greatest “fear” in perspective, gave me hope and positive energy.”

Janice Keller
Jan Keller Associates
Philadelphia , PA

“I was very anxious about an upcoming public speaking event and almost skipped this class.  Thank goodness I didn’t!  It was just what I needed.”

Tammara Plankers, AVP
Emeryville , CA

“I discovered exciting solutions to everyday stress, new methods that really work!”

Leslie Hall, Marketing
Hall Orthodontics, San Lorenzo , CA

“I wish everyone I know and love could hear Jerry.

Yvonne Parmley, Financial Assistant
Lloyd Parmley, DMD, Florence , KY

“Fascinating and useful presentation that works.”

Jan McLean, Practice Manager
Dr. Gordon McLean, Morphett Vale, SA, Australia

“Wonderful program, very useful info for every day life!!!”

Jane Martin
OMSA, Fort Wayne , IN

“Outstanding, awesome experience.”

Will Galloway , Office Manager
Dr. Beverly Kodema, Sacramento , CA

“Incredibly positive, simple, practical information and tips.”

Steve Jewell, Executive Director
Kendal at Lexington , Lexington , VA

“You have to see it to believe it.”

Annette Haines, CEO
Dr. Ted Haines, Snohomish , WA

“It was really interesting, fun, and educational.”

Michelle Faith, Implant/Marketing Coordinator
Woodyard Periodontics, P.C., Newburgh , IN

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