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Roxanne Emmerich, President
The Emmerich Group
(36 sec)

Vince Hebein, VP
Morris Midwest
(62 sec)


Alexander and Balwin, Inc.
Alley & Associates
Century 21
Cycle Systems, Inc.
Downing Displays
Erath Veneer Corp.
Evergreen Enterprises
Georgia Pacific
Howard Johnson


Ketchum Yellow Pages
Peopletech, Inc.
Prudental Realty
River Valley State Bank
Sheraton Corporation
Time, Inc.
Travelers Canada
U.S. Postal Service

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Program Topics

Increasing Your Professional Power To 
New Levels of Excellence
Have your attendees ever had a negative day at home or at work? How did they feel at the end of it? Tired, drained... Now, have your attendees ever had a positive day at home or at work? How did they feel at the end of it? Energized. What if they could create every day to be a great day? This program will show participants how to make every day that way through actual tools and techniques that will increase their energy level for a more effective personal and professional life.

Managing Management Stress
Time pressures, people pressures, and bottom line pressures all add to the level of stress managers have to deal with today. This program focuses on giving managers the techniques and abilities to take charge of the stressful situations they encounter in the workplace.

Switched-On Selling
This program is a powerful new approach for creating a successful selling strategy through direct brain re-education. This program assumes that participants already have some sales experience, understand the sales process, and would like to achieve greater success. It enables agents to "switch-on" their central nervous system for each step in the selling process resulting in greater sales effectiveness.

Speeding To Effective Time Mastery;
Working Smarter, Not Harder
With the complexities of the business world today, there never seems to be enough time to accomplish everything we need to do. Through this program participants will discover their own time management strengths and weaknesses, leading to the development of a personal and effective time management strategy

Your Management Success Formula
With the increase in competition and changes in the workplace the key to good management practices now requires a clear understanding of human behavior. Through this program managers will learn their own behavior style while they also receive a picture of the style of the people they have to manage. This information will allow them to better relate to and motivate their subordinates and is also valuable in team building, hiring, and the correct placement of personnel.


Hiring and Placing Excellent People
This is a fast-moving training program designed to increase productivity and promote teambuilding by helping your people learn more about their own and others' work styles and overall goals. They'll discover practical strategies that foster cooperation in both the business environment and their personal lives. And they'll learn how people with different work styles can resolve incompatibilities and interact more effectively as a team.


"Increasing productivity and promoting team-building were at the forefront of our strategic planning session.  By helping us to learn more about ourselves, Jerry, you have helped to open our minds to new ways of working in teams and through this knowledge we, as individuals, can promote maximum enhancements for the organization!  We have found your assessment results to be quite accurate."

Curt Hecker, CEO Panhandle State Bank

"I would recommend your programs without reservation to any CEO in pursuit of the artful leadership of his/her troops."

John Rakilta, Jr., Chairman & CEO Walbridge Aldinger

"It is very satisfying to know that participants walked away from the meeting with knowledge that they will put to task in both their personal and professional lives on a daily basis."

Robert E. Coughlin, Vice President National Accounts, Glaxo Wellcome Inc.

"They found the content extremely interesting, the presentation style very professional and your ability to get everyone involved very stimulating."

John Ramsay, Chairman The Executive Committee Groups 205 & 206

"Thank you for providing very informative and motivating programs to our sales force and customers. You 'energized" each group with suggestions on self performance, sales training, and most importantly, selling."

Ronald L. Larson, President Land and Sky

"Thank you for the exciting programs you did for our Positively Cleveland CVB staff. You did a great job of customizing your program 'Increasing Your Positive Power to New Levels of Excellence' to match the name and mission of our organization, Positively Cleveland. As a matter of fact, 93% rated that program Excellent or Good with 72% saying Excellent and 21% saying Good. Definitely positively powerful ratings. Your session 'Switched-On Selling' was equally powerful. It was a great way for us to individually overcome our blocks in the selling process in minutes. Once again, thank you for your sessions. I would highly recommend your programs to other CVBs and association groups."

Dan Williams, Vice President of Sales, Positively Cleveland

Comments from people who really count - The Participants

"Our entire group was very enthusiastic about Dr. Teplitz.  Not only did he draw in our audience and capture their attention, but he held their attention with his dynamic, original, and energetic presentation.  His creative and imaginative technique will be a breeze for our group to implement immediately, making the benefit of his program literally instantaneous.  His ability to energize a group is amazing.  Dr. Teplitz' contribution lead to one of our most successful meetings ever."

Diane M. Crandall, Member, Speakers Committee
Orange County Chapter, ALA

“This is the best session I've attended at the Leadership Institute.”

Ruth Ann Miller-Jones,
Membership Director
Associated Builders and Contractors – Georgia Chapter

“The idea that management, i.e., leadership has the potential to enhance the quality of life for each person we manage, work and live with, coupled with empirical research validating these concepts is powerful.”

Louis P. Batson III
Batson Architects, Inc.

“Fantastic – Borders on genius.”

Chrislonne Clark
Columbia National Mortgage

"Your presentation was a great success, and I know that everyone who attended your presentation came away with ideas and skills which they will be able to put to practical use in their roles as managers and leaders in their firms."

Susan Hodkinson, Conference Chair
Toronto Law Office Management Association

"Jerry was an outstanding presenter and has a great program."

Steve Cona Jr., President
ABC, Florida Gulf Coast Chapter

“This was the most interesting and useful program I have attended in years!!”

Linda Peek
Piedmont Medical Center

“Wow! The time flew while he was on stage and left us wanting more.”

Leslie Hope
Carolinas AGC Chapter

“The most awesome program I’ve been to in years.”

Michael Shober
Shober Training & Development

“I'm a skeptic but absolutely came out a believer.”

Sandra Rodriguez, Membership Coordinator
Associated Builders and Contractors Los Angeles/Ventura Chapter

“A very understandable presentation that you can put into practice immediately to make better personnel choices.”

Greg Beeman
Associated Builders and Contractors MA Chapter

“Highly energized speaker with easy to follow life lessons and ideals. Enjoyable!”

Sue Moore
St. Vincent Mercy Medical Group

“Most informative 2 hours I have spent on any endeavor over the past year.”

Bob Duker

“Program was fantastic. I will definitely use what I learned.”

Beth Alford, Manager Finance
Duke University Hospital

“Jerry's seminar on mind power and the affects of positive thoughts was amazing.”

Jim Hilz
BIA of Central Ohio

“I saw Jerry's program 8-10 years ago and I'm still amazed at the way his teachings worked then and now.”

Elda Marshall
Home Builders Association of Greater Cincinnati

“Very powerful teachings that are simple and practical.”  

Qwanda Fisher-Jones, Director, Client Services
Chamberlin Edmonds

“If you want to improve your outlook on life you need to get in touch with Jerry.”  

Barbara Salis, Meetings Manager
Florida League of Cities, Tallahassee, FL

“An eye opening presentation that introduced new concepts I had never considered before.”  

Kristina Pare, Marketing Manager
Westminster-Canterbury of the Blue Ridge
Charlottesville, VA


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