What organizations have to say about the Inscape Personal Profile Report System:
"Thank you for introducing our company to the Inscape Personal Profile System. It has made our job of evaluating potential employees, tremendously more effective. Prior to using these tools, all of our hiring was done on a “gut feel” methodology. Sometimes it worked, sometimes not. When it didn’t, it was hard to determine how we could have avoided our mistakes. Even more importantly, we had no way to measure (or pre-measure) the behavioral tendencies, which could either make or break an employee. So much was invisible to the eye!

Now we do our best to narrow the field down to 2 people. We administer the Inscape Personal Profiles to help determine the kind of person we are looking to hire and which of the “finalists” come closer to matching that profile. Our confidence level has soared, and so has our success rate!

The biggest question in our mind was “Would the profile work?” The answer is YES!

Although apparently simple on the outside, the research that must have gone into it is extraordinary. We have had it validated time after time."

  David Durovy
Tape Resources
Virginia Beach, VA

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"I have been using the Inscape Personal Profile Computerized Software for the past fourteen months. It has been a very valuable tool in managing my staff. It has cut my learning curve on my new department heads. It does help.

Next I plan on using the system to help each of my fellow General Managers to complete the questionnaire, so I can help them accentuate their positives and improve their weaknesses.

I would highly recommend this program to anyone."

  James D. Green, CHA
General Manager
Best Western
InSuites Hotels

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"Metro Information Services uses the Personal Profile system to help screen Candidates for Leadership positions. Often, the Profile is shared with the Candidate and discussed as part of the interview process. Most Candidates feel the Profile is “on target” in key areas. While the Personal Profile is just one tool used in the interview process, we feel it is a valuable one."
  Marilynn C. Moschel
Director of Human Resources
Metro Information Services
Virginia Beach, VA

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For further information contact:
Jerry Teplitz Enterprises, Inc.
1304 Woodhurst Drive
Virginia Beach, VA 23452
Phone: 800 77-RELAX or 757.496.8008
FAX 757.496.9955


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