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"I am still amazed by your seminar Creating High Energy Websites & PR Materials. We really got a lot out of it. George and I are going back and immediately applying what we learned to check all of our PR materials and our website. I strongly recommend your program to anyone who wishes to improve their marketing and sales. We're excited!"

Michael R. Vandiver
Executive Vice President
Razor Golf, Inc.

Why do some ads and websites work and others don't?

The experts will tell you a variety of reasons; however, there's one key explanation besides the graphics and copy that they don't know about: it's the energy in your ad or website creates in the viewer! Everything has an energy attached to it. It can encourage someone to read your ad or throw it away, or click off your website. In this session, you'll discover these hidden secrets. 

Dr. Jerry V. Teplitz has used the technology of Behavioral Kinesiology Muscle Checking to work with PR materials and websites from everyone from small retailers, to magazine publishers, to the authors of the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series, to Heinz U.S.A.


The energy in your ads can make or break the sale.
Without even realizing it, your viewers are immediately affected by the energy in your marketing materials or web site, and ultimately this will cause them to read on, or back out. By "muscle checking" every ad or web page before you display it, you'll know just what kind of energy is being produced by your marketing materials.





High level marketing experts & companies such as Heinz USA use Dr. Teplitz' techniques to test their products and advertising. Jack Canfield, co-author of the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" series of books, has publicly stated, "we won't release a single Chicken Soup product until it's gone through the process developed by Dr. Teplitz, to make certain it is high energy!"

Some comments from those who have used Dr. Teplitz' techniques:

Retail sales doubled!

Bert Dubin, Speaking Success System, took nearly four months before he tried Dr. Teplitz' Creating High Energy Web Sites & PR Materials techniques - and once he did, the results were tremendous...

�I waited four full months to get back to you with my report on how well the new display ad is doing. You'll recall that you muscle-tested my previous ad and found it to be a downer. It weakened muscles. You called my attention to specific dissonant areas of the ad. You recommended they be excised. Then, you tested the new ad and found it positive.

Here are the results: Inquiries slightly more than doubled. Sales -- the best yardstick-- fully doubled!

The impact of this concept can help create best-sellers!

"Thank you so much for the valuable service you provided in checking the 'energy level' of our books, Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul and Chicken Soup for the Mother's Soul.

I know that the work that you did in raising the 'energy' of the covers and the contents of our book to their highest levels was an extraordinary boost in helping make both of these books runaway bestsellers.

I would encourage any author, graphic designer, or public relations person to use your service. To say it has paid for itself many, many times over is an understatement. I certainly intend to use your service for all of my future projects!"

Marci Shimoff
Chicken Soup For The Soul

Tremendous Readership & Recognition!

�Using your system, I discovered that our logo was the number one offender. I removed one strip and couldn't budge the testers arm!

Since the change our readership and recognition has been tremendous! Both advertisers and readers tell me how they can't wait for the publication to arrive.�

Andrew Paiz, V.P Sales, Associate Publisher
The Reunion Network, Inc.
Hollywood, FL

The Members Are Indebted To You 

"Our CEO CLUB truly benefited by your talk and so many of the members now muscle-check ads and websites. You are a gifted platform performer and a rare talent and the members and I are indebted to you"

Joseph Mancuso, President
CEO Clubs, Inc.

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Introducing Dr. Jerry V. Teplitz

Dr Jerry V Teplitz is president of his own speaking and consulting firm and is celebrating his 24th year in the business. His background includes being a licensed attorney as well as having a doctorate degree in Wholistic Health Sciences. As a professional speaker, Dr. Teplitz has spoken to over one million people. He has been honored by the National Speakers Association by receiving the title Certified Speaking Professional. He is author of the books Managing Your Stress, Switched-On Living and Brain Gym for Business. See complete biography.

What Dr. Teplitz can do for you

Dr. Teplitz can check the energy level of everything from your book cover, to its contents, to your logo, to your brochure, to your catalog, and websites. To receive a price quote on having Dr. Teplitz perform this service for you, or for having Dr. Teplitz conduct a seminar for your group, please contact us.