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Achieve Planned Growth

"As you know, our environment is extremely dynamic. Recent changes in our market are rapidly making the sales process more complex - we now have to call higher and on more fronts to effect sales that would have been simpler and quicker just a few months ago.

The results are in and they exceeded our expectations! The feedback from the Leadership 2000 and Customer Focused Selling training was excellent. I believe this training will help NaviSite achieve its planned growth of 150% this fiscal year and would gladly recommend  to any organization that is looking to increase sales productivity, qualify and close new business opportunities, and sharpen the leadership skills of the management team."

Vice President, Sales

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Sales Training and Development

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Sales Organizations Today face challenges that are unprecedented in American business history. The Internet has impacted every aspect of business - both domestically and globally. Today, customers have fingertip access to a vast array of resources that give them tremendous knowledge - and power, including new and efficient ways to train their salespeople. The potential for selling more products and services to your customers is rising, but especially if you are equipped with customer focused sales training techniques.

The Sales Training and Development
gives every salesperson the potential to leap to higher sales plateaus. How? By learning a comprehensive set of basic skills and knowledge - the grounding they need to sell successfully, consistently.

  • New hires can quickly acquire the knowledge they need to begin.

  • Experienced sales people can focus directly on bolstering strengths or develop areas they'd like to improve upon.

Sales Training and Development focuses on:

  • How to Interact with People to Help Them Feel More Comfortable in Sales Situations.

  • How to Uncover Needs, Goals, Priorities and a Personal Win

  • How to Establish and Maintain Credibility and Trust

  • How to Focus on the Customer and Overcome Objections How to Manage a Sales Territory and Your Time to Maximize Results

Sales Course and Planner Selections:

Preview Each Sales Development Course by clicking Titles below.

This online training and development has these courses and planners to choose from:

1.  Introduction to Sales -
2.  Coaching for Sales Managers
3.  Understanding Behavioral Styles for Sales
4.  Reinforcing Your Understanding Of Behavioral Styles for Sales
5.  Prospecting to Create Interest
6.  Establishing Credibility and Trust for Sales
7.  Overcoming All Objections
8.  Questions Are The Answer For Sales
9.  Customer Focused Sales Interviews
10. Gaining Commitments to Action/Closing
11. Win-Win Negotiations
12. Territory and Account Management
13. Customer Focused Presentations
14. Email Etiquette
15. Improving Client Relationships

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