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Leadership Training and Development

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People respect leaders, and the inspiration they generate. Despite the massive shifts in today's business landscape, one key success factor remains constant: leadership. Unlocking the leadership potential of your employees will drive your company to leadership in its industry. CRKInteractive specializes in developing world-class leadership programs for every employee, no matter what department they work in, or which office they work from. We deliver this training in a self-paced format over the Internet, on-demand, when it best suits your schedule - or your employee's schedule.

Leadership Training and Development focuses on:

  • How to Interact with Your People to Maximize Their Performance

  • How to Create a Motivational Environment

  • How to Effectively Discuss Employee Performance Issues

  • How to Conduct an Effective Interview

  • How to Effectively Negotiate

Course and Planner Selections:

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This online training and development has these courses and planners to choose from:

1. Understanding Behavioral Styles for Managers
2. Reinforcing Your Understanding Of Behavioral Styles for Managers
3. Managing Performance Discussions
4. Managing Effectively with DiSC
5. Behavioral Interviewing
6. Retaining Employees
7. Coaching for Sales Managers
8. Win-Win Negotiations for Managers

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First-Rate Quality
"I've worked in the corporate learning space for several years and have seen a wide array of training courseware, as well as designed a few courses myself. The Internet boom has brought about a flood of new online courseware, some of dubious quality. Learners are often disappointed by programs that over-promise yet under-deliver.

It is therefore refreshing to see this portfolio of management and customer-focused training. To name a few specifics:

1. The content is based on solid behavioral models, like the DiSC methodology.
2. The content is available in several formats: assessment tool, self-paced course, live online course, classroom-based training, and action planners - a true "blended" solution.
3. The e-learning programs are engaging and provide appropriate interactivity - not dull, page-turners.

Plus, the quality of the programs - the content as well as the technical execution is first rate."

Principal; Organization Solutions  

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