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"Let me start by saying how unique you have been in developing and modifying programs that recognize our constantly changing needs in all areas, including sales, leadership and customer service. This is in contrast to previous vendors, and your competitors that try to pound their methodology or process into our business.

Your experience as facilitators and business people has benefited us both in the specificity of the materials, as well as bringing real world experience."

Director of Field Operations
Lawson Software


The On-Line University Courses

Jerry Teplitz Enterprises is proud to bring to you these Online University courses developed by CRKInteractive

Online University courses are available in the following categories:
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Sales Training and Development

Sales Training and Development gives every salesperson the potential to leap to higher sales plateaus. How? By learning a comprehensive set of basic skills and knowledge - the grounding they need to sell successfully, consistently.
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Leadership Training and Development

People respect leaders, and the inspiration they generate. Despite the massive shifts in today's business landscape, one key success factor remains constant: leadership. Unlocking the leadership potential of your employees will drive your company to leadership in its industry.
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Customer Service Training and Development

Maximizing the positive response potential for each Customer Service professional makes the difference between customer dissatisfaction, and customer delight. Maximizing the positive influence each Representative can have is what CRKInteractive is all about.
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Team Training and Development

Building and sustaining committed teams is a required core competency for every successful company. There's no room for guesswork, or half measures. Creating committed teams means you must pave the way for team success - and build environments where team potential can become reality.
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Personal Training and Development

Successful personal relationships often depend on "getting off on the right foot". Being able to quickly recognize a person's behavioral style and interact appropriately are critical to this process. Personal Training and Development shows you how to recognize different behavior patterns, and develop adaptive skills that increase your ability to communicate successfully with others.
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