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Switched-On Networking
Balance Your Brain for Networking Success
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Exciting Reviews 

Marci Shimoff, author of Happy for No Reason and Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul: “Switched-On-Networking revolutionizes the idea of reprogramming your brain for success! Using Jerry and Donna’s leading-edge program, you can get your mind lined up to optimize your existing network, as well as the new connections you make. Networking can be more fun and easy than you ever thought—and it can lead to surprising successes!”

Dr. Joe Vitale, star of The Secret movie and author of Attract Money Now: “Wow! Easily switch on your ability to naturally, successfully and memorably meet people with the breakthrough secrets in Switched-On Networking. It’s terrific!”

Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul series, and one of the creators of The Secret:I’ve found what I’ve learned from Dr. Teplitz to be a really valuable tool in many areas of my life. His programs can help you and anyone you care about live up to their full energy potential and become a peak performer in every area of their life.”

“Everyone can benefit from Switched-On Networking. The tools Jerry and Donna share in this book will enhance success, prosperity and bring more fun into your life.”

Mark Victor Hansen, co-author Chicken Soup for the Soul series

  Book:  Switched on NETWORKING  

Switched-On Networking
Balance your Brain for Networking Success
By Dr. Jerry V. Teplitz and Donna Fisher, with Norma Eckroate


Switched-On Networking ™ uses the proven leading-edge mind-body technology of the Brain Gym® system to switch readers on for every aspect of the networking process. The reader will be switched on for:
• Powerfully introducing yourself
• Following up effectively
• Using social media to connect in ways that work
• Calling people to request support
• Approaching people and initiating conversation
• Asking for referrals
• Turning small talk into opportunity

Switched-On Networking ™ works for those new to networking, as well as experienced networkers who chose to jump their career to higher levels of success. The easy and powerful Brain Gym system will immediately rewire your default settings and balance your brain for optimum success for all aspects of networking. And it starts working as soon as you finish each chapter!

For this book, Dr. Jerry V. Teplitz has teamed up with top networking expert, Donna Fisher, to make networking more gracious, natural, and effective than ever before. Using the Brain Gym process along with Donna’s material, readers will become more successful at networking, while also enjoying the “treasure hunt” that leads to the fulfillment of their own goals, as well as the goals of others. Donna Fisher is an expert on networking having written several books on networking, including Professional Networking for Dummies.

The easy to do Brain Gym exercises that Dr. Teplitz shares in this book are specifically targeted to switch on and optimize communication between all areas of your brain and then, step-by-step, re-wire your subconscious programming so you can fully engage and successfully achieve success in all aspects of networking.

In Part One, Dr. Teplitz explains the basis for Brain Gym. Then, in Part Two, Donna Fisher shares her street-smart networking strategies as, chapter by chapter, you’ll learn the Brain Gym process for that particular aspect of networking. This book will dramatically increase your business and your bottom line numbers.

The only way this book doesn’t work for you is if you don’t read it!

Switched-On Networking:
Balance Your Brain for Networking Success


(PDF for Mac, PC, Tablets)
 $9.99 Amazon-Kindle

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