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Managing Your Stress in Difficult Times: Succeeding in Times of Change e-Book 

 $12.95   $9.99  (e-Book)


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  e-Book:  managing stress  

Managing Your Stress in Difficult Times:  Succeeding in Times of Change
     By Dr. Jerry V. Teplitz with Shelly Kellman

"Jerry Teplitz is doing important work.  He is introducing people to natural, uncomplicated approaches to health maintenance which are extremely valuable in the framework of wholistic health."   - John Diamond, M.D., Author "Your Body Doesn't Lie"

There’s no doubt about it—times are difficult, and that’s leading people to experience more and more stress. From being laid off, to losing your house, to being unable to retire, you may be facing a difficult time yourself. Even if none of these calamities is affecting you personally, you know people who are or you are feeling nervous about the future just from listening to the news.

Welcome to the stress that’s going on in the world today. All this stress is not benign either. High levels can lead to high blood pressure, digestive problems, difficulty concentrating, and increased risk of disease. This book presents easy, effective techniques to reduce stress, eliminate pain, relieve insomnia, and gain an overall sense of well-being. From a ninety-second cure for headaches, to five minute relief from a migraine, to a twenty-second tapping technique that delivers immediate energy, this fully illustrated book offers hands-on, proven methods to immediately manage stress.

Author Jerry V. Teplitz, J.D., Ph.D, pioneer in the area of stress management, teaches people how to tap into the power of their own personal energy system.

The only way this e-book doesn’t work for you is if you don’t read it!

"I'm the kind of person who always looks for the shortest, simplest way to anything.  The exercises in this book are designed to give you the greatest benefits with the least amount of effort or change in your routine."

Jerry Teplitz

Managing Your Stress in Difficult Times:
Succeeding in Times of Change

 $12.95   $9.99  (e-Book)

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