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Switched-On Living Book 116 pgs PDF


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(PDF- Mac, PC, Tablets)

Switched-On Living for all areas of your life
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  Switched-On Living
     Easy Ways to Use the Mind-Body Connection
       to  Energize your Life

     By Dr. Jerry V. Teplitz with Norma Eckroate

"Filled with wise advice and information to add years to your life."  Og Mandino, Author "The Greatest Salesman in the World"

You CAN do more to live life to it's fullest!  This ground-breaking, fully illustrated, book tells you how!

Have you ever noticed someone who walked into a crowded room and seemed to be radiating energy?  The person who is *bubbling over* with energy is a person everyone notices!

We're talking about an energy that carries you through your day with such ease that, at the end of the day, you're not falling into bed with exhaustion but still feeling good.

This is a *Switched-On Person*

Combining proven techniques and the latest research on the mind-body connection, Switched-On Living is based in Behavioral Kinesiology, a proven do-it-yourself biofeedback system that enables you to identify --and overcome-- unsuspected sources of stress that interfere with the body's energy; its immune system, and it's basic health and well-being!

Among the techniques you will learn:

* The Seven Quick & Easy "Energy Enhancers"
* Easy ways to identify and release stress
* Simple methods to take charge of your life
* How to unleash the power of your mind
* How to strengthen the body's wellness & energy
* How changing your mind changes your energy level

From overcoming fears to improving diet to alleviating learning disabilities, your body knows the problems and solutions ... even if you don't.  This book explains how to tap that knowledge!

Switched-On Living Book
 116 pgs. PDF

   $9.99   e-Book
(PDF- Mac, PC, Tablets)

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