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Shiatsu- Quick Relief for Lower Back Pain

Shiatsu- Back Pain Instruction DVD
Lower Back Pain Video plus BONUS: Free Report: Eliminating Back Pain

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It's absolutely frightening but true that over 305,000 Americans are dying every year from the side effects of taking a legitimate drug prescription from their doctor.

 Just think... in 10 years that’s over three million people dying. (if you find this hard to believe, click here for the research).  And not a single person knew which pill was going to be their last one... forever.

The more you can avoid prescription drugs as your first line of defense for your back pain, the better off you will be. Dr. Teplitz' Shiatsu Back Pain method provides a safe way to stop your lower back pain suffering just by pressing with your fingers and thumb.

Since you'll be using your fingers, you won't have to get another expensive prescription filled, or pay for over-the-counter back pain relief remedies ever again.  Invaluable Method - once you’ve learned it, you have it for a lifetime!

End your back-pain suffering faster than you ever thought possible --  You do NOT have to wait to get rid of your back pain!

Back Pain Relief -on-the-spot... you'll be able to do these techniques anywhere, anytime and any place. No more having to drag yourself out of the house to the drug store when you are in the middle of excruciating pain.

My techniques have been proven repeatedly to end back pain suffering for literally tens of thousands of people -- I know these techniques WILL work for you too!

The techniques you'll learn here will relieve the back pain for your whole life - this method doesn't wear off like a pill, you'll always have the power to stop your back pain when the need arises. You can do this for yourself, or use it on friends and loved ones.

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This Video details and instructs Shiatsu for Lower Back Pain.

NEW!  Lower Back Pain Treatment DVD

Of all common ailments that undermine our well-being, back pain is probably the most widely suffered. Estimates indicate that one out of every three adults suffer some degree of back pain every day. It is a leading cause of absence from work, second only to the common cold. And back pain is the most common reason for filing a workers compensation claim. Additionally, research shows that once you have a bout of back pain, there is a good chance you will suffer from it in the future. Recurrence rates for low back pain are 50% in the 12 months after the initial bout.  Shiatsu is the answer! 

Order the Instructional DVD today to learn by demonstration.

Dr. Teplitz has developed Pain-Relief techniques using Ancient Japanese Healing. "SHIATSU
to Heal Lower Back Pain

What is Shiatsu?

Dr. Jerry Teplitz has been successfully using and teaching Shiatsu to stop patients' suffering for over 30 years, with amazing, powerful results. Shiatsu Massage techniques can transform a person who lives with lower back pain to one who is able to take control, and stop their own suffering without prolonged waiting or side-effects.

Shiatsu can remedy a wide range of conditons, including back, neck & shoulder pain - from specific injuries to more general symptoms of health.

And because Shiatsu is a deeply relaxing experience, regular Shiatsu sessions even help to prevent the build up of stress in our daily lives!

Shiatsu was developed in 1912 in Japan by the founder of Shiatsu Therapy, Tokujiro Namikoshi-sensei.

You can make the choice to live a life without constant pain, NOW!        


SHIATSU (sh-äts) - in Japanese means finger pressure, widely referred to as acupressure, and is a hands-on therapy developed from the Ancient Japanese Arts of Massage originating 4,000 years ago. 

Various styles of Shiatsu incorporate aspects of Japanese massage traditions, Chinese Medicine practice, and "western" anatomy & physiology. 

Shiatsu is widely considered the Japanese version of Chinese acupuncture, using your fingers instead of needles.  It is the most popular and highly respected form of manual therapy in today's Japan, and has been recognized as a Traditional Oriental Therapeutic by the Japanese Ministry of Health since 1955.

How does all this benefit YOU?

When Dr. Teplitz first developed his Shiatsu techniques, he found to his amazement they worked almost immediatelyIt still amazes him today, and yes, it will amaze you and completely relieve your lower back pain.  Another benefit of Shiatsu's deep and gentle pressure is that it puts both body and mind in a deep state of relaxation. 

You will have a Lower Back Pain instant treatment literally at your "fingertips" anytime and anywhere, without medication, side-effects or waiting.  This technique is quite simply PRICELESS for the pain of Lower Back.

Quick Relief for Lower Back Pain DVD:
includes FREE 35 pg. Report: Eliminating Lower Back Pain

Jerry Teplitz with Norma Eckroate

 $49.95    (DVD)
 $19.97    (Download)

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