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Great Relationships At Work or Home - Album Set
Item #505
2 Compact Discs $65.00

Great Relationships - Audio CDs - Dr. Jerry Teplitz

A complete package:
2 Audio CD's;
Workbook, and

Behavioral Assessment Profile (DiSC© Preview - a $9 Value)

The DiSC© concept has been used widely since 1977, and experienced by over 30 million people around the world.


For over 40 years
Dr. Teplitz' programs have helped over a million people realize greater energy and higher levels of success in everything they do!

  Great relationships 2-cd audio Set  

Great Relationships Audio Learning CDS - Teplitz2-CD Audio Album

Gain insights into the behavior of others and increase your total effectiveness in all of your relationships.

Yes, we can all have great relationships, whether you’re at work or at home.

You can process difficult or negative encounters with people in a positive way so that the relationship grows deeper and more constructive.

This program teaches you:  How to become a more dynamic, effective person in all your relationships – family, friends, co-workers and customers.

Learn How To:  Understand the relationships between you every one you deal with. You'll begin the process by understanding your behavior style. Next, you'll learn how to relate to people who are different from you by increasing your level of effectiveness in all your relationships.

Whether at home or at work, a difficult or negative encounter with another person can have a major impact on your energy level.  Dr. Teplitz has found that most people include "relationships with others" as one of life's top stresses.

With This Program:  You'll learn proven methods to:

  • reduce your stress in dealing with others

  • motivate others and inspire their confidence

  • handle difficult people and gain their cooperation

  • increase your effectiveness by creating more flexible behaviors

  • ask for what you want and get results.

With This Program:  Dr. Teplitz will instruct you in completing the DiSC© Personal Profile Preview, which is a part of this package, and will show you how to understand the different ways in which others think by taking you through these proven methods in dealing with relationships.

 Great Relationships at Work or Home Album Set
Item #505

2 CDs $65.00


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