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American Public Works Association
APWA - Nevada Chapter
Bureau of Indian Affairs
City of Virginia Beach, Virginia
College and University Auditors of Virginia
County Supervisors Association of California
Department of the Air Force
Department of Correctional Education
Department of Public Works and Environmental Service
Eastern Regional Interstate Child Support Assoc.
Federal Women's Interagency Board
Financial Management Service
Government Executive Institute


Illinois Fire Chiefs Association
International Municipal Signal Association
Naval Military Personnel Command
Norfolk Naval Shipyard
Passenger Transport Division - MDOT
School Transportation Supervisors of New Jersey
Secretary of Interior
Society of Government Meeting Planners
Treasurers Association of Virginia
U.S. Mint
U.S. Postal Service
United States Postal Service - QWL Conference

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Program Topics

Speeding To Effective Time Mastery;
Working Smarter, Not Harder

With the complexities of the business world today, there never seems to be enough time to accomplish everything we need to do. Through this program participants will discover their own time management strengths and weaknesses leading to the development of a personal, effective time management strategy.

Your Management Success Formula
With the increase in competition and changes in the workplace, the key to good management practices now requires a clear understanding of human behavior. Through this program managers will learn their own behavior style while they also receive a picture of the style of the people they have to manage. This information will allow them to better relate to and motivate their subordinates, and is also valuable in team building, hiring, and the correct placement of personnel.

Managing The Stress Of Change
Stress is so prevalent in our lives today that it is essential we learn how to manage our stress effectively. This program gives participants techniques that work! They learn everything from getting rid of a headache in 1 1/2 minutes to how their environment affects their well-being. Audience involvement makes this a fun and effective program.

Increasing Your Professional Power To New Levels Of Excellence 
Have you ever had a negative day at work? How did you feel at the end of it? Tired, drained... Now, have you ever had a positive day at work? How did you feel at the end of it? Energized. Isn’t there an increase in your productivity, effectiveness and bottom line on that positive day? You can have that outcome everyday! Amazon bestselling author and top‑rated speaker Dr. Jerry V. Teplitz will show you how to make every day that way through actual tools and techniques that will increase your energy level to new levels of excellence. These immediate, effective and easy methods can be applied to all aspects of your professional life.

Managing Difficult People
Would you like to be even more effective and successful in dealing with difficult people? This program allows you to achieve your goal. You'll take a close look at your own management behavior style while you are also learning how to better understand and manage those difficult people around you. You'll discover practical strategies that foster cooperation among people with different work styles to achieve a more effective team.

Working Together : Effective Ways To Build Successful Teams
This is a fast-moving training program designed to increase productivity and promote teambuilding by helping your people learn more about their own and other's work styles and overall goals. They'll discover practical strategies that foster cooperation in both the business environment and their personal lives. And they'll learn how people with different work styles can resolve incompatibilities and interact more effectively as a team.


"Thank you again for a wonderful presentation! You were a big hit at our Leadership Learning Conference. People are still talking about your outstanding program and the tips and techniques you shared to increase one's energy levels. One of our attendees summed it up nicely by saying 'Jerry's program was fun, high energy and useful.'

Katie Jackson
Employee and Organizational Development
Department of Public Works and Environmental Services
Fairfax County Government

"Your presentation and interaction with our members was a major factor in our members' comments that this was one of the best symposiums we have had in a long time. Your and your message, "Increasing Your Leadership Power While Managing Your Stress" truly connected with our members."

Thomas F. Deegan
1st Vice-President
Metropolitan Fire Chiefs Association of Illiniois

"A fascinating speaker, who can improve the operation and morale of your organization."

Bob F. Griffin, Speaker
Office of the Speaker
Missouri House of Representatives

"We have had Dr. Teplitz present at four of our seminars in the past two years that include senior and mid level managers in state and federal bank regulatory agencies. I see many of the participants at subsequent programs. Months and years after seeing Dr. Teplitz, they tell me they are still using some of these techniques. If you need a sure hit program that delivers immediate and long lasting value, this is it."

Roger Stromberg
Senior Vice President-Education
Conference of State Bank Supervisors

"We received wonderful comments from the participants regarding the information, tools, and techniques you shared."

Connie Brannon, Equal Employment Manager
Office of Civil Rights, U.S. Department of Agriculture
Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Region

“Many of our employees continue today to speak to me about the interesting and useful material that each of them learned during the workshop and your Presentation was one of the highest rated classes acknowledged during the Conference.”

Robert D. Duffy
USPS - Manager, Distribution Operations
LJSC QWL Co-Chair Philadelphia District

“A great program! The techniques Dr. Teplitz taught can be used right away and every day.

Fran Gilbert, Executive Director
Tallahassee SAE, Tallahassee, FL

"You left the participants with a mental awareness on how they might manage stress."

Linda Nunes, Director
Office of Civil Rights, U.S. Department of Agriculture
Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Region


Comments from people who really count - The Participants!


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