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"Wow, amazing results!  We continue to receive positive feedback from our customers.  Thanks to you, it was the best Customer Appreciation Seminar the bank has ever held. The audience was totally captivated by the material you presented. 

We definitely made some customers for life!"

      ~John J. Blake, III 
       President & CEO 
       Peoples State Bank



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There’s chaos in front of you, chaos behind you, chaos to the right of you and chaos to the left, too!  And all of this is causing you a lot of stress... 


So what can you do about this stress? 


Dr. Jerry V. Teplitz, a pioneer in stress management, can show you real techniques - that you will use immediately - to take charge of your life by reducing your daily stress.  The chaos may continue... but you’ll know how to keep yourself moving forward – with much less stress.


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