Switched-On Selling Seminar Research Study
Executive Summary

What separates a top salesperson from an average salesperson?  Why do some individuals seem to be born to sell while meeting a prospect is anathema to others?  Scores of books, seminars, DVDs, and CDs are available to teach countless sales techniques.  Yet, only a select few salespeople achieve the highest levels of sales success.  Until now...

This report analyzed the powerful changes that occurred for 695 salespeople attending the one-day Switched-On Selling Seminar (SOS).

The analysis shows that participants’ self-perception of their sales ability improved dramatically at the end of the seminar. The analysis also shows that participant’s positive perceptions about their sales abilities improved even further when they were reviewed again one month later and they were back in the field selling.

This report also presents the results of an insurance company study that shows how the SOS seminar affects salespeople's bottom line. One team of sales people in the company attended the seminar and another group did not. Salespeople who attended the SOS seminar increased sales 39% over those who did not attend the seminar. In addition, the group that attended the seminar increased their premium levels 71% over those who did not attend the seminar.

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