Switched-On Management Seminar
Research Report Executive Summary

The Switched-On Management (SOM) Seminar is a practical self-development management training program for managers to create a more successful, effective, and dynamic company or organization. SOM is designed to help managers become more effective with management skills they have and develop skills in new areas of management.

This report presents the results of a pilot study conducted on the impact of the SOM Seminar. For this study, 21 SOM participants completed a self-assessment questionnaire before the seminar began and again at the end of the seminar. The questionnaire that participants completed at the beginning of the seminar provided a baseline measurement of how the they viewed themselves in relationship to the various parts of the management process. The questionnaire that participants completed at the end of the seminar indicated whether the seminar had changed their perception of themselves.

The responses to pre- and post-seminar questionnaires indicate that seminar participants' self-perception of their management ability increased significantly at the conclusion of the seminar.

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