TRAVELING ABROAD: What To Watch Out For and How To Enjoy It The Most

April 11


Your Host: Dr. Jerry V. Teplitz

This Week’s Expert: Doris Gallan


Doris Gallan

Traveling can be a Healthy Alternative to what you do every day. Join me and my guest Doris Gallan as we talk about the pluses and minuses of travel the world (

Doris is a baby boomer who at 46 decided to pursue her life-long passion for traveling and writing. Doris and her husband left their corporate jobs, sold their home and started a two-year round the world trip that ended up being a five-year journey. Doris has been living the traveling dream!

When she and her husband started their journey, there was little information or travel services available to assist in the planning of her trip. So, Doris did her own research. This led her to write the book for her generation on travel (which can be used by any generation) called The Boomers Guide to Going Abroad to Travel/Live/Give/Learn.

Doris has become a regular speaker at the annual conference of the Education Travel Community. She is an author in the book 65 Things to Do When You Retire. She has also published a series of ten Travel Tips Booklets to provide great advice to travelers.










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