February 2013

Another Side to Azheimer’s

February 28

GUEST : Cathie Borrie DESCRIPTION 34 mins: 30 secs DOWNLOAD Just hearing the words Alzheimer’s Disease can cause grown men and women to shake. Yes, it’s heart-breaking, but there may be another way to understand it and learn from it. My guest, Cathie Borrie, took care of her mother for seven years. She discovered the […]

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A Different Way to Look at Dieting

February 21

GUEST : Connie Huff, RN DESCRIPTION 34 mins: 30 secs DOWNLOAD People who diet know the ups and downs, the losing of weight and the gaining of weight. Well, this yo-yo effect might be because you’re not looking at the right approach to follow. My guest this week is Connie Huff. Connie is a registered […]

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